20 Minute LASER Bat Speed Challenge

Turn Any Hitter Into A Laser Hitting Machine using our LASER CORE ℗ Sport Precise™ Bat Speed Training Aid (AKA Laser Strap)

Drill 2: Deep contact zone top-hand side toss. Bat speed and rotation (both arms inserted).

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Step-By-Step Guide to Top-Hand Power

To Get Power, You Need Three Things – Speed, Strength And Technique.

Top-Hand Laser Drill (heavy bat optional), Improves All 3 Parts Of The Power Hitting Equation, training rotational mechanics and improves core power by isolating the explosive phase of your swing.

Power Comes From Your Core

It is a natural science that is the same for all athletes – boxing, tackling, basketball etc. During hitting there are two types of rotation: away from your body (load), and around your body (swinging).

Explosive rotation is common with all sports and that is what we are isolating here. Not only does our Bat Speed Trainer connect you to your swing, it’s also designed to minimize upper body movement in order to improve your core mechanics.

You can’t reach out, you can’t swing with your shoulders, you can’t swing with your arms, you can’t swing with your legs. You have to learn how to swing from your core.

Start with your hands at the top of the strike zone.
Press your elbow back into your hip, drop the barrel of the bat down and focus on whipping it through the zone.
Spread out, isolate the foot down position.

How To

Now That You Understand How Power Hitting Works, Now It’s Time To Put Our Plan Into Action

The key to top-hand power hitting drills is to keep your bat level at the point of contact. Top-Hand training improves strength in the forearm muscles involved with keeping the bat level at contact.

Lead Your Swing Your Hips And Keep Your Hands Back

If your hands lead the swing, you’ll disconnect from your power and you won’t be able to hold up on to late breaking pitches.

Image: When you start your swing by rotating your back leg from your hips you’ll be able to keep your hands back and make an adjustment a change in pitch speed and movement

Preventing A Ground Ball Or Pop Up Swing

Your forearms have to be strong enough to control the barrel of the bat, otherwise you’ll dip the barrel head, hit the bottom of the ball resulting in a swing and miss or a weak pop fly ball.

If you have poor technique, part two of the power equation, you’ll roll over at contact. When someone says, “don’t roll over on your wrists” that isn’t correct, because it’s impossible to roll at your wrists. Your wrists are controlled by your forearm muscles and elbow joint. The action of rolling over causes the barrel of the bat to rise, as a result you’ll hit the top of the ball (causing a ground ball) or swing and miss.

Power Hitting Equation

We’ve covered strength and technique, now you can add speed into the equation by using your hips to whip the bat to the ball. Combine these 3 parts successfully and you’ll begin to feel a significant improvement in your power hitting.

Image: Whip that bat through with your hips. Make sure you work on technique, focus on your hips controlling your swing.

Optional heavy bat training for advanced hitters

Strength by itself will not equal power.

You can be a big strong guy but if you don’t have bat speed or technique you won’t be a consistent power hitter.

If you’re a smaller guy, you may have bat speed, therefore you’ll need to improve your strength and technique to gain power.

In most cases,  swinging a heavy bat by itself with develop a long and slow swing. You might improve your strength, but you’ll fail to develop bat speed and technique, as the extra weight of the heavy training bat disconnects your back arm from your swing (casting).

However, combine heavy bat training with our hitting aid and you’ll gain the best of both worlds. Regardless of the heavy weight, you’ll stay connected to your swing. Improving bat speed, core strength and technique…the perfect recipe for power hitting.

Power Hitting Summary

Focus On Hitting The Ball Up The Middle, Spread Out, Connect Your Back Elbow To Your Rib Cage, Opposite Hand On Your Shoulder And Whip The Bat To The Ball Using Your Hips.

  • If you’re strong enough use a heavy bat, if not you can use a regular bat.
  • Toss the ball toward the front hip of the player. Top-Hand drills are designed to improve hitting the ball higher or deeper in your contact zone, it’s not designed to hit the low ball. If you’re tossed a ball that isn’t in the right location, don’t swing.
  • To help isolate your core place your elbow close to your hip.
  • Relax your hands and let the bat head drop down.
  • Lead Your Swing Your Hips And Keep Your Hands Back
  • Whip that bat through with your hips. Make sure you work on technique, focus on your hips controlling your swing.
  • Turn your back foot with your hips.
  • Work to keep the barrel of the bat as flat as possible at contact. When you get to contact make sure your bat is level.
  • Hold off on rolling the barrel at or before contact, you can roll the barrel after contact.
  • There’s going to be a point after contact is made where you roll over, if you don’t roll over on your follow through, it will slow down your swing. Don’t fight it, imaging whipping the bat around your body like like nun-chucks.

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