Product Features

  • See immediate results: Sport Precise™ Resistance (improves technique and creates strength for power hitting muscles) triggers Sport Precise™ Acceleration (improves speed of your fast twitch fibers) boosting your bat speed and power.
  • Works for you while you practice: Combining Sport Precise™ Resistance and Sport Precise™ Acceleration creates the ultimate muscle memory hitting tool (technically known as procedural memory). All you have to do is swing!
  • Works for every type of hitter: LASER Blast drills (both arms inside) and LASER Whip drills (back arm inside) accommodate to all types of mechanics and hitting philosophies. Whether you’re a Torque, Rotational, Linear-to-Rotational hitter or just starting out with the basics… it makes no difference, you’ll gain benefit from improved speed and power. You can immediately use it with your current hitting program or use the free hitting programs provided at
  • Hit all pitch locations for power: The only swing trainer that prepares you to hit the inside, outside, up, down, deep and extended contact zones for power.
  • Hands-Inside-The-Ball Trainer: Sport Precise™ Resistance keeps you close to your core for every swing you take.
  • Multi-function 1 LASER Blast: Hit with both arms inside the Sport Precise™ Band to train explosive core power (blast) for deeper contact zones. Preparing your for, “see-and-react hitting” and/or “2-strike hitting” when facing the best pitchers who throw hard and hit their spots. Core rotation (force), staying connected (technique) and bat speed (acceleration) creates the perfect recipe for explosive power.
  • Multi-function 2 LASER Whip: Hit with your back arm inside with the option to raise your back elbow high for a super-boost in acceleration (whip). Even with the extra thrust, Sport Precise Resistance is able to re-connect you to your core (hands-inside-the-ball) as you generate enough bat speed and *momentum need to hit for power in extended contact zones. *Information for advanced hitters: as you disconnect from your core power to reach an extended pitch location momentum driven power takes over.
  • Multi-function 3 LASER Shot: Hit with your front arm inside to improve front side hitting mechanics to fix mistakes such as, pulling off the ball and a casting/chicken-wing swing.
  • Multi-function 4 LASER Beam: Practice top-hand isolation drills to improve core rotation and short swing path that’s needed to hit the toughest pitch in baseball/softball; the “up-and-inside-fastball”.
  • Quickly reversing bad swing habits: Sport Precise™ Resistance prevents reaching and lunging and gives you the confidence to wait and explode on the pitch.
  • Versatility to use with ANY hitting drill: Train simple drills to teach the basics of hitting to kids or advanced drills to supercharge the swing of top-level professional players.
  • Prepare for the harsh realities of game day hitting: As mentioned before LASER drills train you to hit the toughest game day pitch locations. If you want to take it to the next level you can use our LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer to hit against your own pitchers during an inter-squad game.
  • Sport Precise™ Training does the coaching for you: It takes care of the hardest parts of hitting (staying connected, short/compact while generating bat speed and power) giving you the time to focus on the basics of hitting.
  • Core/Rotation Mechanics: The best way to improve core power and teach rotational mechanics is by decreasing the influence your arms/shoulders, you’ll adapt to hit with your core (adaption technique). As opposed to other core/rotational aids focusing on restraining the hip area, reducing speed that’s *required for correct rotation. *Information for advanced hitters: You need speed to generate momentum allowing you to spin on your back toe (momentum and speed take the weight off your foot).
  • Train a complete swing: Improves strength and technique in your top and bottom hand. You’ll have no holes in your swing which opposition teams can exploit.
  • Kinetic Chain Trainer: Maintains the Kinetic Chain sequence – also known as; Big muscles go first and the smaller ones follow. Helping you start your swing from your big and powerful core muscles. As opposed to starting your swing with the weaker muscles of your arms and shoulders.
  • Advanced hitters can super-boost their training: Train with a heavy bat without jeopardizing bat speed and technique. Breathing life back in the heavy bat training industry, that previously received bad reviews as players became disconnected with their swing due to the extra weight pulling away from their core (creating a long swing).
  • Game day feel and perception: Being able to train with your regular bat improves game day feel and depth perception, as opposed to other hands-inside-the-ball swing trainers where the bat is shorter, skewing your game day depth perception.
  • “Wearable” hitting aid: Comfortable and light weight that you can wear it for your entire practice (Sport Precise™ Trainer). It does not hinder your swing, you can put it on and practice as you normally would.
  • Convenient and easy to use: One-Size-Fits all design that takes less than 20 seconds to put on. If you’re not using it you can quickly slide out your arms and wear around your waist for easy access later… making it the ultimate ballpark fashion accessory.

Leading your swing with your arms reduces bat speed, creates problems in games when you are fooled by a pitch, and causes problems with the mechanics of your swing....

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