Laser Blast Heavy Bat Front Toss


Placement of Anchor Armbands

Placement of Anchor Armbands for LASER Blast drills. Thanks to Seth La Fera from for making the trip to 台中洲際棒捄埸 Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium and showing the local professionals how the Laser Strap 台灣 works. Also, thanks to 林知譽 Lamigo#94 and Jeff Huang

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Laser Blast Netherlands, National U23 Team

LASER BLAST B.P - Raschid Engelhardt from Nederland U/23 National Team KNBSB Nieuws - "Had a great session working with the U/23 national team. Excellent feedback from the players and coaches." Coach Seth La Fera

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Advanced 20 Minute Laser Hybrid. +9 Heavy Training Bat

Advanced 20 Minute Laser Hybrid. +9 heavy training bat for top hand and LASER Blast (34 inches, 43 ounces), switch to a lighter game day bat for LASER Whip (top-hand release version to reach extreme low and away locations), final round work all over the zone and let your natural instincts take over your swing.

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LASER Blast High Pitch Isolation Drills: Sport Precise Resistance on your front-side accelerates your rear side upwards to reach high locations. Your brain and fast twitch communication adapts to do it in a game Learn more -

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LASER Hitting Factory. College Bound

Congratulations to Jack Rubenstein from the LASER hitting factory of Pace Academy. Jack is the first of many LASER prodigies to make the transfer from high school to college baseball, Emory University - Atlanta Georgia. Connected and explosive swing gives Jack a big head start over most college freshmen. Best of luck Jack and with a swing like that we're sure you'll have a great college career. PS, fantastic effort by the super coach Seth La Fera - guiding Jack over the course of the season. After viewing Jack's original LASER Strap video 3 months ago... the swing transition is remarkable. Jack hit with a 250 average and 0 home runs in 2016. In 2017 he hit close to a 350 average and 3 home runs. Learn more About Pace Academy's 2017 LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer Season 129 point improvement in team batting average (59% increase) 109 more base hits (264% increase) 58 more extra base hits (85% increase) 121 more RBI (144% increase) 41 extra base on balls (49% increase) 39 fewer strike outs (33% reduction) 13 more wins See the full case study

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The Best Spanish, "LINEA!" Shout Out Ever.

The best, "LINEA!" shout out ever. If you've ever heard, "LINEA!" shouted in Spanish on the field, watch the end of this video. And if one of your friends is a "LINEA!" connoisseur, you may want to share. If you're a first-timer, welcome the magical world of "LINEA!".

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HANDS INSIDE THE BASEBALL: Keeping your hands inside the baseball is a key component when it comes to bat speed and...

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Advanced LASER Blast Isolation Drill: Up-And-Inside swing mech...

LASER Blast: Power Hitting Versus Power Pitching Drill. Isolating Up-And-Inside swing mechanics. The Laser Strap gives endless opportunities to isolate and work any pitch you wish. In this case, we pre-set the height of the "staying connected" swing phase to isolate up-and-inside-fastball swing mechanics. - Heavy Bat (34 inches 43 ounces) Optional. - Global Story: Player, Edgar from Venuzualla who's playing summer baseball in Australia. The Laser Strap keeps you connected to your core, for the first time players can isolate and practice hitting “unhittable” pitches. For example, a +90 mph up-and-inside-fastball. Players have hit this pitch in a game, so it’s not impossible to do, however practicing to hit this pitch has been extremely difficult due to a lack of technology, but not anymore. When extending is not an option, the only shot you have to hit the flamethrowers is to swing using your core, and not your arms. The goal for this session? Help Edgar with the deep contact part of his game to work alongside his current strength with hitting extended locations Edgar is a big strong, top-hand release R/R Throw/Hit. Due to the physics of a top-hand release swing, players like this hit well in extended locations, however, will struggle to hit deep contact locations. In order to have success with LASER Blast Up-And-Inside Front Toss you need a short-to-short swing plane, don't try to lift, as lifting is not an option for deep contact, you'll end up falling all over the place if you do so... it’s the physics of a deeper contact swing. Let the height of the ball provide the lift... hitting a belt high or above fastball in the right spot will make it go over the fence in a hurry, without lifting. This drill will also put your top hand skills to the test, if you don't know how your top hand works for deep contact, you will fail at this drill. For success hitting +90 mph, higher in the zone, you need to whip the bat around your body with your top hand. Makes sense right? Not a lot of time, therefore you need to keep EVERYTHING as short as possible. Let your reflexes take over, you'll surprise yourself at what you can do when you stop thinking.

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