Texas Rangers 2016 Scout of the Year LOVES The LASER

2016 Texas Rangers scout of the year was very impressed with our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer. He’ll be passing it on to the MLB Rangers hitting coach. If the Texas Rangers start hitting LASERS this season you know why. Add that to our growing list of major league customers.

Rangers amateur scout Rick Schroeder identified and signed them all. The Rangers would have also had Ken Caminiti out of San Jose State if they had listened to Schroeder instead of taking USC pitcher Sid Akins in the third round in 1984.
“Caminiti was my guy,” Schroeder said. “The night before I told him we were going to take him and then they took Akins instead.”
Source, http://m.rangers.mlb.com/news/article/210626084/rangers-rick-schroeder-honored-at-meetings/

Power Hitting Practice

Add this one to list of LASER highlights

  • Invented and patented August 20th 2016
  • Eric Thames our first pro customer goes from Korean League to a 16MM MLB contract to MLB home run leader
  • Blind athletes from the Beep Baseball begin to hit Laser shots
  • Making 1000’s of parents proud, as their kids hit Lasers line drives for the first time
  • USA High School and Division 1 Colleges hitting Laser blasts
  • Minor League players prepare to hit Laser beams for spring training 2017
  • Took over the 2016 Asian Winter League with a massive Laser show
  • Players from World Baseball Classic hitting Laser home runs….
  • Rangers scout of the year loves the LASER
Game Changing, Phases of Exoprecise; Power

Player Rachid Engelhardt (Signed with Baltimore Orioles). Team: Netherlands U/23. Drill: Laser Blast Front Toss. "LASER STRAP ℗ ™ Our brand is the inventor of Exoprecise ℗ ™ Technology and founder of the revolutionary, Sport Precise ℗ ™ Methodology; identifying common traits of human movement. Additionally, we created a range of products to enhance each stage, including the; LASER Strap ℗ ™ for baseball and softball hitting." https://thehittingproject.com/learn/why/what-it-does/ https://thehittingproject.com/learn/how/train/

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POWER PRECISE. Regarding speed, strength, and form, the three elements...