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- Sold By: - Division of LASER Sport Precise™
- Description: Bat, field & bowl with LASER speed, power and precision using our Sport Precise™ cricket training aid
- Model: LSP-C100
- Availability: In stock
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- Size: Adjust-To-Fit/One-Size-Fits-All
- Ages: 6 to Adult. Suitable for all skill levels
- Material: Silky smooth on the outside with thousands of elastic micro-strands forming a super-strong core
- Strength: Ultra-High tensile strength (won't break)
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- Warranty: Full Replacement 1 Year

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Designed specifically for 20/20 cricket

Take your power game to the next level as you crush pull shot after pull shot, deep into the pavilion.

Does the coaching for you

Precise resistance and acceleration creates muscle memory geared for game day success.

Improve Power, Works Fast

Stay connected to your core, utilizing the Kinetic Chain for power big muscles first, little ones follow.

Improve defense

Train to block against the toughest bowlers as your bat never strays too far away from your pads.

Big Power Little Movement

Learn how to generate powerful cricket shots with minimal movement giving you confidence to bat off the fastest bowlers.

Stay longer at the crease

Reduced movement improves your ability to read and react to different types of pitch conditions.

Avoid being clean bowled or embarrassing ducks!

Build your confidence to let the cricket ball travel and cut down on whiffing at the ball.

Reverse poor batting habits

Fixes common mistakes Triggered by your lack of confidence to let the ball travel, such as; lunging, ducking, reaching and whiffing at the cricket ball. Created by years of undisciplined cricket training

Wear It With Any Drill

Comfortable and durable, wear it for your entire practice with any type of cricket drill.

Innovative and Patented Design

In a few simple steps you can adjust from adult size to a small child. Sliding armbands allow for perfect symmetry, no matter your shape or size. Adjust tension levels to match your skill level and/or training regimen.

Simple Instructions For Use

Paper instructions included with delivery plus available 24/7 from our website.

What is Sport Precise™ Training?

Regular sport practice utilizing a wearable device, enabling full range of motion without any restrictions and providing precise resistance and acceleration to develop:

(1) Strength in the precise, core and non-core muscles vital for peak game day performance.
(2) Speed and technique in the precise muscles to develop procedural memory for all-round baseball skills (muscle memory).

Who Created Sport Precise™ Training?

Clinton Balgera

Creator of Sport Precise™ Training

Inventor and patent owner of the world's first and only Sport Precise Trainer™, LASER CORE℗ Sport Precise™

Founder of


Popping Blue Laser

When you're not using your LASER Bat Speed℗ Sport Precise™ trainer you can wear it around your waist and pop the blue armbands for the ultimate Ball Park fashion accessory.

Cricket Precise™ Training: – Our Cricket Precise™ Trainer provides resistance and acceleration to develop; (1) Strength in the precise, core and non-core muscles vital for peak cricket gameday performance (2) Speed and technique in the precise muscles to develop procedural memory for cricket (muscle memory)