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LASER CORE℗ Kids Bat Speed Precise™ Trainer

Also Known As, The Laser Strap

Coach your kids some simple instructions. For example, let the ball travel close to home plate before you swing, watch the ball, keep your head down, try to hit the ball back up the middle of the cage and so on...

Limited Time Only: Free Pre-Sizing for Kids

Our one-size-fits-all Laser Bat Speed Trainer is simple to adjust. However, we understand parents are busy and provide an optional pre-sizing service for kids. Enter your kid’s waist and lower arm measurements below and our expert staff will take care of the rest.

LASER CORE ℗  Kids Bat Speed Precise Trainer™

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By: LASER CORE℗ Sport Precise™
Model: LC-BS100
Size: Adjustable, One-Size-Fits-All
Ages: 6 to adult
Ships to: All countries
100% Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Manufacturers Full Warranty: 1 Year

Bat Speed Precise™ Exercise

– Bat Speed Precise™ Trainer provides resistance and acceleration to develop;
(1) Strength in the precise, core and non-core muscles vital for peak game day performance
(2) Speed and technique in the precise muscles to develop procedural memory for power hitting (muscle memory)
– Wearable bat speed trainer, enabling full range of motion within your swing
– Use with regular baseball or softball hitting drill and/or game replication drills
– Invented and patented by Clinton Balgera. Founder of and LASER CORE ℗ Sport Precise Trainers

Waist (Inches)
Lower Arm (Inches)

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Teach any kid how to hit in 20 Minutes

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