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There’s “yin yang” with all sport movements. Our patented Sport Precise™ technology enhances the balance & flow, as you maintain your Kinetic Chain. Boosting speed, power and gameday performance.

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LASER Hitting Factory. College Bound

Congratulations to Jack Rubenstein from the LASER hitting factory of Pace Academy. Jack is the first of many LASER prodigies to make the transfer from high school to college baseball, Emory University - Atlanta Georgia. Connected and explosive swing gives Jack a big head start over most college freshmen. Best of luck Jack and with a swing like that we're sure you'll have a great college career. PS, fantastic effort by the super coach Seth La Fera - guiding Jack over the course of the season. After viewing Jack's original LASER Strap video 3 months ago... the swing transition is remarkable. Jack hit with a 250 average and 0 home runs in 2016. In 2017 he hit close to a 350 average and 3 home runs. Learn more About Pace Academy's 2017 LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer Season 129 point improvement in team batting average (59% increase) 109 more base hits (264% increase) 58 more extra base hits (85% increase) 121 more RBI (144% increase) 41 extra base on balls (49% increase) 39 fewer strike outs (33% reduction) 13 more wins See the full case study

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Strength + Speed + Technique + Momentum = Powerful Extension

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Placement of Anchor Armbands

Placement of Anchor Armbands for LASER Blast drills. Thanks to Seth La Fera from for making the trip to 台中洲際棒捄埸 Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium and showing the local professionals how the Laser Strap 台灣 works. Also, thanks to 林知譽 Lamigo#94 and Jeff Huang

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Laser Blast Side Toss


Posted by 台灣 Taiwan Laser Strap on Monday, May 22, 2017

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2016 Texas Rangers scout of the year was very impressed with our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer. He’ll be passing it on to the MLB Rangers hitting coach. If the Texas Rangers start hitting LASERS this season you know why....

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