Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

Hit LASERS! See LASER Fast Results

  • One-Size-Fits-All design that takes less than 20 seconds to fit. Slide it off you wear around your waist... the ultimate ballpark fashion accessory
  • The main Sport Precise Band improves bat speed, strength and keeps you close to your core every time you swing (hands inside the ball)
  • Easy to use for Novice parents and coaches. It takes care of the hardest thing to do in hitting (staying connected) allowing you to focus and improve on the very basics of hitting
  • So versatile it can train basics or be used to supercharge the swing of Big League players
  • First and only Sport Precise Trainer in the world. Wearable training device, means it's so comfortable you can wear it for your entire practice and use with any drill. It does not get in the way of your natural swing path allowing full range of motion
  • You can put it on and use right away with your current hitting program or follow our step-by-step-training guides
  • See immediate improvement in bat speed. Sport Precise Resistance triggers acceleration just at the right times, boosting bat speed the very first time you wear it
  • Kinetic Chain Tool: Controls the proper sequence of the Kinetic Hitting Chain, big muscles first little ones follow... every time you swing.
  • Reverses years of bad swing habits caused by a long/casting/jumping BP swing.
  • The only trainer that teaches 2 main types of power swings. Improves the strength of both top and bottom hands of your swing so you have no weaknesses to be exploited. Remove the back or front arms to isolate swing types and contact zones. LASER Blast - Both arms for short explosive rotational power (deeper contact). LASER Whip - Back arm for acceleration leading to momentum power for extension (extended contact)

Free Website Access To Training Guides And Instructions

Integrate our trainer into your current hitting program or follow our training guides

  • Video guides covering all aspects of hitting
  • Beginner-Friendly to advanced drills and practice plans
  • Team strategies and drills for coaches
  • 24/7 access to detailed instructions (downloadable)

Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Drills

LASER Blast Drills

Explosive core power. Both arms inserted, deep contact, improve "see ball hit ball" and 2 strike hitting

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LASER Whip Drills

Powerful Extension. Back arm inserted, extended contact, improve "sit on your pitch" and low-and-away hitting

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LASER Beam Drills

Both arms inserted, hold the bat with your top-hand, improve top-hand mechanics

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