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Proclaiming a new top-level method for hitting

PUTTING STUFF IN PERSPECTIVE: We hear many "experts" talk about Linear, Rotational, and Torque. Seeing as there are so...

Posted by on Monday, August 7, 2017
Laser Strap Overview

LASER STRAP OVERVIEW Complete hitting range of motion using an unbroken circle and 360 degrees of resistance. Adaptable for all swing types and methods. Easy to use and time effective. Adjustable to fit multiple torsi and arm circumferences. The Laser Strap morphs in response to all your movements, without hindering your natural flow. Wear for your entire practice with zero irritation; critical for repetitive movements on the skin. Builds strength, fast twitch fibers, maintains the kinetic chain flow, improves muscle and brain communication, form for precise hitting movements. Use with any drill, or game simulation training exercises. Multifunction features, interchangeable; hit with both arms, rear or front arm inside. All-in-one overload and underload training. In essence, you get a workout in game day muscles without working out. Learn more

Posted by on Monday, August 7, 2017