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Issued – July 2016

Coverage – Global

Contact us for more information about our global patent, we would be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Sport precise and laser strap bat speed trainer global patent

Reward offered for information leading to a “Patent Troll” prosecution

Stealing intellectual property is a crime and worst of all, “Patent Trolls” can not be trusted to manufacture a safe product. If you’ve any information about a patent infringement use our online form. You can remain anonymous if you choose.


Confidentiality has a strict policy to keep all information about you confidential and will not disclose your information unless required by law.


What Happens after I submit a Patent Infringement

We will review the report and promptly follow up with a questionnaire asking you some additional questions that are important to the patent infringement. Once we collect all the information we need, we review the report for accuracy and reliability. Once the report is reviewed we pass the information onto our global team of IP protection lawyers.

Successful “Patent Troll” prosecutions to date


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