Sport Precise™ Bat Speed Training

Introducing Our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

Sport Precise™ Resistance and Acceleration

  • Guides you to bat speed… all the time, every time.
  • Train hands inside the ball for every swing you take, crucial for developing a short and powerful swing.
  • Keeps you connected to your rib cage, preventing a long swing, Sport Precise Resistance stops your from “muscling up” or “casting” with your arms.
  • Create fast twitch/muscle memory: Sport Precise resistance, triggers acceleration at the right times.

How It Improves Bat Speed


Powerful Extension Drills: Back Arm Inserted

Extended contact zones. Gain “bat whip”, generated from releasing tension after you load & separate with your back elbow.


Explosive Core Drills: Both Arms Inserted

Deep contact zones. Your front arm propels your back arm through the swing, accelerating bat speed and improving power when you make contact with the ball.

Sport Precise Resistance

Get Stronger With Every Swing

Improves strength in both, core and non-core muscles vital for power hitting.

  • Shoulders: Crucial for acceleration and deceleration of your swing.
  • Laterals: The biggest muscle in your upper body!
  • Rib cage: Part of your core muscle group.
  • Front and back arm: Even strength in both arms/hands to become a complete hitter

How it Happens

  • Separating your back elbow away from your body as you load.
  • Extending your front elbow to the contact zone.
  • Extending your arms on your follow through.

Heavy Bat Training For Advanced Power Hitters: Gain all the benefits associated with heavy load training while maintaining a short and powerful hands inside the baseball swing

Combination of Sport Precise Resistance and Acceleration Creates Procedural Memory (Muscle Memory)

Fix common hitting mistakes, improve mechanics and game day performance.


Anybody can tell a player what to do. We show you what to do plus we give you the best hitting tool to do it.

  • Learn the best mechanics to hit for power in all locations. Train a complete swing with powerful extension (back arm inserted) and explosive core drills (both arms inserted).
  • Core rotation. Rotate your back foot from your hips and train the best positioning for powerful contact.
  • Instant swing feedback. Problems with casting/long swing are exaggerated, resulting in a weak ground ball, pop-up or swinging and missing.
  • How to pull the ball for power. Drive the ball with backspin to the pull side without, “hook spin”.

Reverse bad swing habits

  • Quickly reverse bad habits created from years of pulling a belt-high slow-moving practice pitch.
  • Fix front elbow and back elbow problems, example; “Chicken Wing Swing”.
  • Train to stay balanced and to keep your head down at contact and on your follow through.
  • Master the best mechanics and approach for game day success.

Prepares you for the harsh realities of game day hitting

Gain confidence to hit against the best pitchers in your league. If you can’t hit a certain pitch, opposition teams will find and exploit your weakness.

How our Bat Speed Precise Trainer Improves Your Game Day Hitting

  • Builds confidence to hit any pitch on game day by training to let the ball travel deeper in your hitting zone without getting jammed. Lacking confidence in your own bat speed, triggers lunging, pulling off and casting.
  • Explosive Core Power Drills and Powerful Extension drills provide repetitions of hitting the 2 toughest contact zones. Up-And-Inside” & “Down-And-Away”, everything else in between will be easy in a game.
  • Quickly transfers from the practice field to game day. When you see it for yourself during practice you’ll develop the confidence to stay back hit any pitch.
  • Game day approach. Train to drive the ball up the middle/opposite field with backspin.
  • Close your mind and open your eyes, allows you to unlock your subconscious mind and utilize your natural reactive baseball swing (see and react hitting).
  • Hips before hands (big muscles first little ones follow), improves bat speed, power and allows you “check your swing”. Training to see the ball longer helps you to develop an eagle “batter’s eye” allowing you to react to late-breaking pitches such as the slider or sinker-ball.
  • Cut down on swing movement and improve power hitting against the “flame-throwing” pitchers.

LASER Whip and LASER Blast Drills

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