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PHASE 4: PUSH AND PULL. RESISTANCE AND ACCELERATION. Advantages: Strength, fast twitch, technique and procedural memory.

Posted by on Monday, July 31, 2017
Georgia, USA. High Performance Training.

Georgia, USA. High Performance Training. Laser Whip Side Toss: Seth La Fera interviews phenom prospect, about Phase 3 of our; 6 Phases of Power. "RESISTANCE RE-CONNECTION: CONNECT OR ARRIVE CLOSE TO YOUR CORE. Benefits: Improved accuracy, form, brain & muscle communication." Learn more

Posted by USA Laser Strap on Saturday, August 5, 2017

LASER Blast – Hit deeper contact zones for power.

Explosive Core Drills: Both Arms Inserted

Sport Precise™ Resistance propels your back arm through the swing and keeps you connected to your core, increasing bat speed (Sport Precise™ Acceleration) and power. Learn more

LASER WHIP – Hit extended contact zones for power

Powerful Extension Drills: Back Arm Inserted

Gain “bat whip” (Sport Precise™ Acceleration), generated from Sport Precise™ Resistance after you load & separate with your back elbow. Learn more

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