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Teaching Kids To Hit

beginner drills

bat speed

game day hitting

bat speed drills

batting aid

power hitting

rotational hitting

hitting approach


2 Swing Technique


long swing

swing path

practice plan

Front Toss

striking out

opposite field hitting

heavy bat

power hitting aid

back foot rotation

Swing Follow Through

tee drill

side toss




see the ball

Hands Inside The Ball

stepping in the bucket


improve batting average

stay in your legs

top hand drills

hitting inside fastball

batting stance

Swing the bat with your hips

rotational power



slow hip rotation

quick hands

lay off tough pitches

relax your upper body

LASER Blast drills

LASER Whip Drills

stay connected

spinning on your back toe

hips before your hands

spread out stance

Load from your core

Release your top hand

top hand side toss

hips leading your hands

stay back

over-rotating on your back foot

top hand release swing

Resistance Training

ground ball swing

stay closed


hitting against a firm front leg

hitting soft-and-away

hit for a high average

improving power

hit the low and away ball

2-hand grip follow through


weight distribution

advanced hitting

What size bat to swing

reaction time

20 Minute LASER Bat Speed Challenge

Functional Resitance

Sport Precise

bat speed tips


High Ball Hitting

stay through the ball

pulling off the ball

laser core

batting practice

hitting mechanics

release point

mental hitting



Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Reviews

Laser Strap Reviews

Sport Precise Bat Speed Trainer

hitting aid for baseball

heavy bat training video

diving into plate

sport precise training

Home Run Swing Drills

coaching kids to hit

staying back

Tracking The Ball

top hand heavy bat drill

how to improve power hitting

Laser bat speed drills

batting average

coaching kids

stop hitting grounders

Sizing for kids

Bat Speed Training Aid


Plyometric Training

rotational hitting aid

baseball training aid

hitting aid for softball

powerful extension

bottom hand drills

swing consistency

over swinging

staying centered


machine batting practice

back foot drills


rolling over

Little League Kids

causes for strike outs

2 strike hitting approach

drills to stop striking out

tips to stop striking out

hitting drills


line drive hitting

laser strap hitting


training guide

Sport Precise Bat Speed Training Aid

staying connected

deep contact hitting

see ball hit ball mechanics

short swing mechanics

Laser Core Bat Speed Trainer


bottom hand tee drill

bottom hand power

lead hand drills

Coach Pitch Hitting Drills

Batters Eye

Game Day Performance

Seeing The Baseball Make primary

Teach Yourself To Hit


Learn to Hit

Staying Closed

Drills for Mechanics

Most Popular

Over Striding

overhand toss

keep eye on the ball

keep head down

bat speed trainer


Blind Athletes Baseball

power hitting tips

power hitting baseball

power hitting softball

heavy bat practice plan

power batting drills

Laser Sport Precise

hitting aid

How to Train

successful 2 strike hitter

hitting with 2 strikes

reduce strike outs

striking out in baseball

fail when hitting with 2 strikes

How to be a successful 2-strike hitter

off speed hitting

Beep Baseball


hitting tips

simple hitting tips

rotate drills

core hitting drills

core power

rotational hitting drills

low and outside drills

opposite field tee drill

hitting to the opposite field

how to hit the outside pitch

hitting the low ball for power

opposite field power

Laser Strap Bat Speed Train

learn to hit a baseball

learn to hit a softball

pitching aid


5 Minute Power Hitting Challenge


slow bat speed

falling off-balance

pulling head off the ball

how to take a pitch

how to hit a major league fastball

Golf Putting Aid

Golf Power Drive Aid

batting aid for baseball

batting aid for softball

laser strap baseball

laser baseball reviews

slowpitch hitting aid

slow pitch power hitting trainer

slowpitch batting aid

improve slowpitch power

hit home runs in slowpitch softball

how to hit good BP

coaching tips

Inside Pitch Hitting Drills

2 Strike Hitting

hitting aid to improve power

batting aid for power

softball batting aid

bat speed video

power hitting video

Low Ball Hitting

softball hitting aid

curve ball hitting

letting ball travel


stability ball drills

shortening up

jumping out at ball

hands back

hitting against front leg

short swing

on deck circle hitting tips


Game Day Hitting Tips

How To Hit Better In a Game

balance drills for hitting


patent protection

basic tee drill

hitting on your own

how to hit the high ball for power

keeping your head down

keeping your eye on the ball

stop pulling out of your swing

fix casting swing

basic softball hitting drills

youth league hitting drills

tee drills for kids

sport precise exercise

bat speed precise trainer


Selling Agents

Team Orders

Arnie Noel


Golf Swing Aid

youth league players

teaching little league players to hit

get more bat speed


Vince Parisi

Seminole Warhawks High School Baseball

High School Baseball


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