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Global Retail/Wholesale Opportunities

Welcome to the Future of Sports Retail

We provide the best training aids on the planet and we’ll only partner with the best retailers on the planet.

One-Size-Fits-All design, lightweight and easy to store.

6 Reasons Our Brand’s The Best

  1. No need to pay athletes or coaches for marketing/testimonials.  We receive our marketing material organically from high profile customers who send us thank you emails and media attachments of our product at work.
  2. Global patent protection and trademark on a new category in sports training. Backed by a world renowned IP protection firm.
  3. One-Size-Fits-All design, lightweight and easy to store.
  4. All our customers gain free access to simple step-by-step how to guides.
  5. Reliable manufacturing systems with massive resources.
  6. 100% customer satisfaction. Selling since August 2016 with zero returns (as of 5/7/17).
Laser Popularity

No need to pay players or coaches for promotions… they find us and organically promote the brand

Our products are creating a global buzz. Experienced coaches and pro players from all over the globe approach our brand to help improve their game day performance. Creating a database of marketing collateral, with players using our product in their regular, day-to-day practice.

Laser Bat Speed and Power

Patented brand with a strong Global presence

Our young brand has already sold to 29 countries, achieving strong market penetration by implementing our global marketing strategy. What does this mean for retail? We’ve done all the hard work for you.

Laser Strap

Retailers Dream Product

One-Size-Fits-All, retail ready packaging, convenient shipping and storing logistics.

Compare sport precise trainers

Free access to practice guides

Beginner, intermediate and advanced guides. Most companies would charge over $100 for premium membership access.  Our customers get it all for free!

Learn More

Contact us today to discuss a customized plan to work for your business. Retail, wholesale and distribution pricing available upon request.

Global patent protection with a trademark on a new category in sports training.


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