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Retailers Dream Product

The best hitting aid on the planet… soon to be the best hitting aid in the universe! Avoid disappointed customers and order your stock of Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainers. Use our expression of interest form or contact one of our global selling agents below.

Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

8 Great Reasons To Partner With Our Brand

  1. No need to pay players or coaches for promotions… they find us and organically promote our brand
  2. Established brand in the global market
  3. Attract more customers. Baseball, fastpitch softball, slowpitch softball, tee-ball, cricket and even beep baseball
  4. Retailers dream product: One-Size-Fits-All. Store presentation, shipping & storage made easy
  5. Up-sell current, “Stagnant Stock”
  6. Up-sell our product along with the purchase of a bat
  7. Value add using our free access, Laser Hitting System
  8. Flexible options for retail, wholesale and distribution
Laser Popularity

No need to pay players or coaches for promotions… they find us and organically promote the brand

Sell the latest release of our best Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer model to date: Our Laser Blue Model’s creating a global buzz. Experienced coaches and pro players from all over the globe approach our brand to help improve their swing. Creating a database of marketing collateral, with players using our product in their regular, day-to-day practice.

Established brand with a strong Global presence

Through online mediums our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer has achieved market penetration in over 20 countries. What does this mean for retail? High conversion rates for customers who know the brand, want to buy, yet prefer to see & touch our product before purchasing.

Retailers dream

Retailers Dream Product

One-Size-Fits-All, retail ready packaging, convenient shipping and storing logistics. Your store can easily place 10+ units onto a standard retail rack.  Dimensions for a box of 40 units: 14x9x18 in. – Weight 12.7 lbs… WOW!  If that’s not enough, after months of selling direct, our return rate is non-existent.

Up-sell Our Product with the Purchase of a Bat

At your discretion, suggest to your customers… “Well… you’ve just spent $100’s on a bat, you might as well learn how to swing it ”

Up-sell “Stagnant Stock”

Generate secondary revenue streams for your retail store, for example; Our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer’s revitalizing the heavy bat training industry… It’s an easy up-sell. Heavy bat training has received a bad wrap in the past, however our Laser Strap keeps you connected, even swinging with a heavy bat. Players gain the best of both worlds (strength, speed and technique)…. the previous example’s designed for the advanced hitters market and we’ve identified a strong demand within this niche.

Laser Hitting System

Value Add Our Laser Hitting System

Retailers can value add our Laser Hitting System as a bonus inclusion. At we’ve bundled all our drills, practice guides and tips to create our Laser Hitting System. We normally charge $59 for membership access, now it’s all included with our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer brand.

Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

Join Team Laser

Interested in joining Team Laser? Contact us today to discuss a customized plan to work for your business. Retail, wholesale and distribution pricing available upon request. Wholesale and distribution pricing, based on high volume orders and an established network of retailers of wholesalers.

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“Take my 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed Challenge using my LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer, it’s a winner… works every single time and trains a complete swing. Start thinking of hitting in terms of contact depth, it makes things simple and players get it. Contact depth determines mechanics, the 2 main depths are deep and extended, each require a different swing (covered in the 20 minute challenge). EVERY single player I coach has seen an immediate improvement in bat speed, power and technique. The following coaching sessions were unrehearsed, unscripted and shot in real-time. I had never met the following youth players or had prior knowledge of their skill levels.”
Clinton Balgera
Inventor: LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer and LASER CORE Sport Precise™ Training Aids
Founder:, Sport Precise Training and Adaptive Hitting Theory/2-Swing Technique

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