How to Train Top Hand Rotational Drills


Improve Strength and Power

Train perfect top-hand drills to improve rotational mechanics and unlock the explosive power of your core. Our elasticized strap acts as a bridge, transferring the power generated from your core to the top-hand of your swing.

Improve Bat Speed

Our patented elasticized strap provides your top-hand swing with the perfect amount of resistance to keep your “hands inside the ball” for every swing you take, while reducing your ability to “muscle up” or “cast” using your arms. This trains you to generate power from your core.

Improve Trail/Top-Hand Power For Hitting The High Pitch

Trains the perfect swing to hit the high ball. The trail/top-hand plays an important role for generating bat speed and power with deeper contact zones, e.g. a fastball high in the zone. Improving top-hand power is especially important for players who are bottom/lead-hand dominant hitters who tend to hit the low ball well, but struggle with the up-and-in/deep contact zones (top-hand dominant pitch locations).

Top-Hand swing mechanics: Step 1
Top-Hand swing mechanics: Step 3

How To Practice

  • If you are strong enough you can use a heavy bat, if not you can use a regular bat.
  • Keep your weight on the inside balls of your feet in a spread out stance.
  • To isolate the core rotational power of your swing, start with your hands at the top of the strike zone and with your back elbow close to your rib cage. Relax your hands and let the bat head drop down.
  • Toss the ball in between thigh and belly button high. Toss the ball towards the front hip of the player. Top-hand drills are designed to improve hitting the ball higher or deeper in your contact zone. They are not designed to hit the low ball. If the ball is not in the right location, don’t swing.
  • Start your load with a small in-turn of your front knee.
Top-Hand swing mechanics: Step 4
  • Let the ball travel before swinging; start your swing when the ball is close to your body. This will help you to stay closed and to stay back.
  • Lead your swing with your hips and keep your hands back. Allow your hips to start your swing and whip your bat to the ball (don’t let your hands start before your hips).
  • Rotate your back foot from your hips, DON’T rotate your back foot from the ground up. Coaches can keep an eye on the back foot throughout the drill and make sure you’re rotating on the toes of your back foot.
  • Focus on hitting the ball up the middle with backspin.
  • Work to keep the barrel of the bat as flat as possible at contact. When you reach contact, make sure your bat is level. Your forearms will work hard to keep the bat level.
Top-Hand swing mechanics: Step 5
Top-Hand swing mechanics: Step 6
  • Don’t fight your natural swing path, keep your swing plane flat all the way through your swing and avoid trying to lift on the follow through. Imagine whipping the bat around your body like like nunchucks. Making contact with the high ball with a flat plane bat will provide the lift for you. If you try to lift, you’ll knock your head off the ball and over-rotate on your back foot (fall off-balance).
  • Hold off on rolling the barrel at or before contact; you can roll the barrel after contact. There is going to be a point after contact is made where you roll over. If you don’t roll over on your follow through it will slow down your swing. Rolling the top-hand before contact is triggered by poor rotational mechanics combined with a weak top-forearm muscle.
  • Keep your head down at contact and on your follow through. Players that have trouble keeping their head down can put a hat or ball in front of home plate and make sure they look in that direction after contact.
  • Remain balanced all the way through your swing. If you fall off-balance at any stage, this indicates either incorrect weight distribution, swinging with your arms as opposed to your hips, pulling your head off the baseball or poor back foot rotation.
Top-Hand swing mechanics: Step 7
Top-Hand swing mechanics: Step 9

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