LASER Whip Drills


Strength + Speed + Technique + Momentum = Powerful Extension

Transfer core speed and power to your bottom-hand, giving you the momentum required to hit extended pitch locations for power.

Set Up: Back arm inserted
Contact Zone: Extended

What Does It Improve?
Power and bat speed for extended contact zones. For example, hanging breaking ball or a low-and-away slider.
“Guess Hitting” or “Sit On Your Pitch Hitting”.
Ahead in the count hitting when facing less quality pitchers.
Train to hit pitchers who make mistakes, lacking velocity and locating the ball higher in your contact zone.
Train to hit pitchers with exceptional speed, locating the ball to the outside extremities of home plate.

Powerful Side Toss Extension Drills
Powerful Side Toss Extension Drills


Hit The Low And Outside Pitch For Power

Guides you to powerful extension… all the time, every time. Our patented elasticized strap provides your trail/top-hand with the perfect amount of resistance to keep it connected to your core, transferring speed and momentum to your lead/bottom-hand as it extends to hit the low ball for power.

Hit Slow Hanging Off-Speed Pitches For Power

Improve power on extended contact zones, preparing you to hit game day pitches such as; hanging breaking balls or down-and-away fastballs/sliders.

Improves Lead/Bottom-Hand Strength

The lead-hand is vital for power and extension when hitting the low ball. It is especially important for trail/top-hand dominant hitters, who generally hit the high ball well but struggle with low and extended contact zones.

Practice Tips

  • Focus on hitting the ball up the middle or to the opposite field alley.
  • Don’t lunge at the ball, keep your head in your center of gravity.
  • Keep your head down during and after contact is made.
  • Stay balanced and extend through the ball after contact.
  • Follow your natural swing path for extreme low and away contact zones, using a top-hand release swing. In order to hit the extreme extended zones for power you need to let go with your top-hand to relieve the pressure on your back shoulder. Failure to let go at this point will result in rolling over and hitting a weak ground ball.

LASER Whip Drills

Summary Table


Bat speed and power for extended contact zones

Bat whip and staying through the ball

Transfer of speed and core strength to your lead/bottom-hand

Staying inside your legs

Hitting a low and outside pitch

Hitting a hanging breaking ball

Game day confidence

Basic Set Up

Back arm inside your Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

Back elbow set a mid-to-high level

Swing Path

Short to long

Follow Through

Top-hand release

Angled plane

Release your top-hand for extreme contact zones

Basic Drills

Ordered easiest to hardest:

Tee drill

Side toss

Front toss

Triggered batting practice

Regular Batting Practice

Hitting live in practice

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Whether you’re a high leg kick hitter, high elbow, short/compact you’ll see fast results training our LASER Blast and LASER Whip drills to improve your style of mechanics. Need some drills to follow? We provide free access to beginner, intermediate and advanced training guides.

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