LASER Blast Drills

First and only Sport Precise Trainer in the world

Strength + Speed + Technique = Power

Sport Precise™ resistance connects your back-arm (triceps) to your rib cage as you swing, maximizing explosive, deep contact zone core power for every… single… swing.

Set Up: Both arms inserted
Contact Zone: Deeper

What Does It Improve?

  • Power hitting and bat speed for deep contact zones. For Example, up-and-inside fastball.
  • 2-Strike Hitting.
  • See and React Hitting.
  • Hitting against the best pitchers who throw hard, vary speeds and locate the ball on the corners of the plate.
  • Batting average, base on balls, bat speed and staying back

How It Works

Sport Precise Resistance keeps you Connected/hands inside the ball

Our patented Sport Precise Band provides your arms with the perfect amount of resistance to keep you connected and hands inside the ball, for every swing you take. Staying connected, transfers massive power generated from your core to your swing.

Trains a Compact and Explosive Swing

Adapt to swing using your strong core as opposed to swinging with your arms. Sport Precise Resistance prevents casting and reaching with your arms, enabling you to learn and adapt by using your hips/core to generate power.

Stay back & stay closed and improve your batter’s eye

As mention above, Sport Precise Resistance prevents reaching. When you can’t reach for the ball you’ll quickly learn to let the ball travel deeper before you start your swing, helping you to stay back and stay closed. Plus you’ll develop an eagle “batter’s eye” helping you to read and react to hard/late-breaking pitches on game day.

Laser Blast Drills

Simple Tips for Beginners

Hit with LASER power

LASER Blast Front Toss Drill

LASER Blast Drills

Summary Table


High ball hitting

Top-hand power

Rotational mechanics

Hands-inside-the-ball swing mechanics

Hitting the inside fastball

Batter’s eye

Game day confidence



Reaching and lunging

Dipping and pulling off

Striking out

Basic Set Up

Both arms inside your Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

Spread out stance

Hands at top of strike zone

Back elbow closer to body

Swing Path

Compact and explosive


Basic Drills

Ordered easiest to hardest:

Tee drill

Side toss

Front toss

Triggered batting practice

Regular Batting Practice

Hitting live in practice

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Whether you’re a high leg kick hitter, high elbow, short/compact you’ll see fast results training our LASER Blast and LASER Whip drills to improve your style of mechanics. Need some drills to follow? We provide free access to beginner, intermediate and advanced training guides.

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