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Bat Speed Precise Training

You can use our training aids with your current program or follow our handy training tips

Make sure you follow our simple instructions on how to swing with your core – the Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer takes care of the hardest parts of your swing so you can focus on the basics – see below for updates to our 20 minute bat speed program

Information on contact zones… this is all covered in our 20 minute laser bat speed challenge (see details of challenge below ) and here 2-Swing Technique Information

Don’t predetermine your swing path  – the pitcher doesn’t always throw a hanging breaking ball so why are you practicing to hit one 24/7. What are you going to do when you face a good pitcher who doesn’t make mistakes and located the ball up-and-inside and down-and-way, varies speed and so forth?

  • LASER Blast drills (both arms inside) Belt-high contact or above: You’re lifting the bat unnaturally with a 2-handed follow through thus raising your arms high in the air and knocking your head off the ball – for deep contact keep a short to short flat swing plane
  • LASER Blast drills (both arms inside) You’re releasing your top-hand on deep contact. Even if you’re a full time top-hand release swing, think of this as an isolation drill for deep contact/top-hand power. You can return to your normal swing during the game or regular BP.
  • LASER Whip Drills you’re not releasing your top-hand (back arm inside) even if you’re a 2-hand grip follow through think of this as an isolation drill to strengthen your bottom hand, you can return to your normal swing during the game or regular BP.
  • You’re not letting ball travel… Don’t reach. Some of you are not use to swinging with a short and compact swing, so your brain is still telling you to reach for the ball with your regular/long/slow swing. Let it travel, the Laser Strap gives you bat speed so you can wait a little bit longer. There are so many benefits to letting the ball travel, take advantage of it.

If you’re a one-dimensional follow through hitter you’ll eventually catch onto the reasons why we suggest to practice this way. And understand the roles to the top and bottom hands play with different contact zones. You can then make your own mind up on how you want to swing in a game. But remember if you’re ever having trouble with a certain pitch, the information above holds the answer to your problems… in other words, learn how to make a swing adjustment in the game, this is what we are preparing you for.


Beginners and advanced need to start with this 4 drill sequence. Yes, even advanced hitters, you may think you know all about hitting but until you truly understand the concepts, especially in the first 2 drills of the LASER Challenge, you’ll never be a complete hitter. The drills are easy and work right away…use them

“Take my 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed Challenge using my LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer, it’s a winner… works every single time and trains a complete swing. Start thinking of hitting in terms of contact depth, it makes things simple and players get it. Contact depth determines mechanics, the 2 main depths are deep (LASER Blast drills) and extended (LASER Whip drills), each require a different swing (covered in the 20 minute challenge). EVERY single player I coach has seen an immediate improvement in bat speed, power and technique. The following coaching sessions were unrehearsed, unscripted and shot in real-time. I had never met the following youth players or had prior knowledge of their skill levels.”

Here’s the updated 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed practice plan – Go here


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4-Step Practice Plan

Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

Our 4-step practice formula builds game day confidence needed to be a successful hitter. The same sequence can be used with most hitting drills. Tee, toss, B.P and even against live pitching.

The following video shows steps 1, 2 and 4 compacted into a short BP session

This practice plan works by providing you with the much-needed confidence to hit an inside fastball.

You will be most successful as a hitter when you are confident that you can handle any pitch the pitcher throws.

Guess what? Confidence doesn’t happen by chance…

It comes from repetitions of target-specific hitting drills that “convince” your subconscious mind you can hit any type of pitch.

You can’t trick your subconscious mind. If there is any doubt in your head during a game day at bat, this will reveal itself in the form of jumping out at the ball and/or flying open (the 2 most common hitting mistakes).

The subconscious mind is extremely influential when hitting a baseball.

Step 1

Use 60% of batting practice training with both arms inside your Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer as you learn to keep your hands inside the ball, while gaining confidence to let the ball travel deeper in your contact zone. Aim to hit the ball with backspin to the outfield alleys. Example drill: Laser Strap Front Toss 

Staying connected with your swing

Step 2


Use 20% of practice time hitting the outside/extended pitch locations, back arm inside your LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer. Hit the ball with backspin to the opposite field. Example drill: Laser Strap Extension Front Toss

Powerful extension drill

Step 3


Use 10% of practice time isolating your top hand and train correct rotation. Example drill: Laser Strap Top-Hand Side Toss

Top Hand Bat Speed Drill

Step 4

Use 10% of practice time with game day hitting drills. Example drill: Live Batting Practice

Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Drills

LASER Blast Drills

Explosive core power. Both arms inserted, deep contact, improve "see ball hit ball" and 2 strike hitting

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LASER Whip Drills

Powerful Extension. Back arm inserted, extended contact, improve "sit on your pitch" and low-and-away hitting

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LASER Beam Drills

Both arms inserted, hold the bat with your top-hand, improve top-hand mechanics

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