Laser Strap

How To Train Laser Drills

Sport Precise Training To Improve Bat Speed and Power

How To Train Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Drills

Explosive Core

Both arms inserted, deep contact, improve "see ball hit ball" and 2 strike hitting

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Powerful Extension

Back arm inserted, extended contact, improve "sit on your pitch" and low-and-away hitting

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Top-Hand & Rotation

Both arms inserted, swinging the bat with your top-hand, improve rotational hitting mechanics

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1. Explosive Core Drills

Strength + Speed + Technique = Power

Sport Precise™ resistance connects your back-arm (triceps) to your rib cage as you swing, maximizing explosive, deep contact zone core power for every… single… swing.

Set Up: Both arms inserted
Contact Zone: Deeper

What Does It Improve?

  • Power hitting and bat speed for deep contact zones. For Example, up-and-inside fastball.
  • 2-Strike Hitting.
  • See and React Hitting.
  • Hitting against the best pitchers who throw hard, vary speeds and locate the ball on the corners of the plate.
  • Batting average, base on balls, bat speed and staying back.

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Builds strength for power hitting

2. Powerful Extension Drills

Strength + Speed + Technique + Momentum = Powerful Extension

Transfer core speed and power to your bottom-hand, giving you the momentum required to hit extended pitch locations for power.

Set Up: Back arm inserted
Contact Zone: Extended

What Does It Improve?

  • Power and bat speed for extended contact zones. For example, hanging breaking ball or a low-and-away slider.
  • “Guess Hitting” or “Sit On Your Pitch Hitting”.
  • Ahead in the count hitting when facing less quality pitchers.
  • Train to hit pitchers who make mistakes, lacking velocity and locating the ball higher in your contact zone.
  • Train to hit pitchers with exceptional speed, locating the ball to the outside extremities of home plate.

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Precise resistance and acceleration

Train perfect top-hand drills to improve rotational mechanics and unlock the explosive power of your core. Our Bat Speed Trainer acts as a bridge, transferring the power generated from your core to the  top-hand of your swing.

Set Up: Both arms inserted
Contact Zone: Deep

What Does It Improve?

  • Trains the perfect swing the hit the high ball.
  • Generate bat speed and power with deeper contact zones for example.
  • Train the basics of core rotation.
  • Prevents a ground-ball swing.

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Seminole Warhawks H.S FL Working With Our Obsolete Laser White Model