Laser Whip and Laser Blast Drills

Laser Bat Speed Training

You’ll see an immediate improvement in bat speed and power when you integrate our hitting aid with your current practice program. Whether you’re a high-leg-kick/high-elbow or a short/compact hitter, training our LASER Whip (back arm inside) and LASER Blast (both arms inside) drills will improve your style of mechanics. Looking for drills, tips and practice plans to follow? We provide free access to a range of beginner, intermediate and advanced training guides.

Laser Whip Laser Blast Laser Beam

Learn more about Laser Whip and Laser Blast drills or continue on this page to view a sample of our many LASER practice plans we provide for free on our website.

Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Drills

LASER Blast Drills

Explosive core power. Both arms inserted, deep contact, improve "see ball hit ball" and 2 strike hitting

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LASER Whip Drills

Powerful Extension. Back arm inserted, extended contact, improve "sit on your pitch" and low-and-away hitting

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LASER Beam Drills

Both arms inserted, hold the bat with your top-hand, improve top-hand mechanics

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Example Drills You Can Train

Example Drill 1: LASER Blast Front Toss

LASER Blast drills train you to keep your hands inside the ball, giving you confidence to let the ball travel deeper in your contact zone. This will help you with 2-strike hitting and hitting against hard throwing pitchers when you’ve minimal time to react (see and react hitting).

Staying connected with your swing

Example Drill 2: LASER Whip Batting Practice

LASER Whip drills train you to hit extended pitch locations for power such as, the extreme low and outside pitch and hanging breaking ball. Setting your back elbow higher increases Sports Precise Resistance triggering a boost in Sports Precise Acceleration as you release.

Powerful extension drill

Example Drill 3: LASER Top-Hand Side Side Toss

LASER Top-Hand isolation drills improve core rotation and top-hand power.

Example Drill 4: Live Batting Practice Against Your Own Pitchers

You can implement LASER Whip or Laser Blast drills during an inter-squad game. This is one of the many reasons why our LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer is the best hitting aid on the planet.

Laser Hitting System

How your subconscious mind influences your game day swing

You can’t trick your subconscious mind. If there’s any doubt in your head during game day, this reveals itself in the form of jumping, reaching, lunging and/or pulling off the ball.

To be a successful hitter you need to feel confidence you can hit any pitch, not just the easy ones.

Guess what? Confidence doesn’t happen by chance…

It comes from quality repetitions of LASER hitting drills that show your subconscious mind you can hit any pitch. In short, you need to see it for yourself in practice to build confidence on game day.


This video shows how easy it is to train both LASER Blast and LASER Whip drills in one Batting Practice session

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Train a Complete Hitting in 20 Minutes

Until you grasp concepts of core mechanics and learn to how to hit in all pitch locations, you’ll struggle be a complete hitter. The drills in our 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed Challenge show you how use your core and hit deep and extended pitches for power, they’re easy to train and you’ll see immediate results.

Contact depth determines your hitting mechanics.

When you start to think of hitting in terms of contact depth, teaching mechanics to players becomes simple.

Both deep (covered with LASER Blast drills) and extended (covered with LASER Whip drills), require unique swing mechanics (covered in our 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed challenge).

EVERY single player I coach has seen an immediate improvement in bat speed, power and technique using our 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed practice plan – Go here


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