Founders of Sport Precise Training

Definition: Sport Precise Trainer

Regular sport practice utilizing a wearable device, enabling full range of motion without any restrictions and providing precise resistance and acceleration to develop:
(1) Strength in the precise, core and non-core muscles vital for peak game day performance.
(2) Speed and technique in the precise muscles to develop procedural memory for whatever sport you do (muscle memory).

What Does It Do?

Sport Precise resistance and acceleration does the coaching for you
LASER power: Unlock the full power of your core as you train
LASER precision: Develop perfect mechanics, all you have to do is wear it and train
LASER strength: Improve strength in non-core muscles vital to power hitting
LASER speed: Quality repetitions train hitting reflexes (muscle memory)

What Are The Difference in Trainers

Each of our Sport Precise trainers are made with specifications to provide full range of motion for their sport.

Currently we have 2 models of Sport Precise Trainers

One Piece Model

Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer: 3/4 Range of motion above the shoulders. Can you raise your arms straight up in the air? No


Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer
Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer
Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

Two Piece Model

Full Range of motion: You can put your hands straight up in the air and windmill your arms

Popular Two Piece Models

Baseball Precise

Slow Pitch Precise

Fast Pitch Precise

Cricket Precise

Golf Precise


Baseball Precise Trainer
Baseball Precise Trainer
Baseball Precise Trainer
Cricket Precise Trainer
Cricket Precise Trainer
Cricket Precise Trainer
Cricket Precise Trainer

How does it work

The 360 degree unbroken circle around your torso does the work for you no matter what you’re training. There’s a yin yang concept with every sports movement, in other works, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For example, hitting:

– On load/separation of you back elbow from your body. Resistance turns into acceleration to start your swing
– On your swing path. Front elbow pushes against the band, pulling the back elbow through just at the right time.

For throwing:
– Your front arm stretches the band pulling the back arm through just at the right time.

Benefits for pitchers:
Saves arm injuries – wear and tear – it provides support to your elbow and shoulder
Speeds up delivery via improved fast twitch
Improves technique
Strengthens all the core and non core muscles related to pitching

It’s like an elastic band, any time you get away it gives resistance to the small muscles related to the movement prepping you for the acceleration back to your core (fast twitch/procedural memory) then providing resistance on the movement away from your body again.

The material is the key, smooth, lightweight with the exact tensile needed to allow you to do your normal practice activities. Took us a while but our team discovered the perfect formula, attaining a global patent in the process.


Clinton Balgera is the founder of Sport Precise Training

  • Founder of TheHittingProject.com
  • Founder of LASER CORE℗ Sport Precise Trainer products.
  • Founder of Sport Precise Training.
Clinton Balgera Inventor of Sport Precise Trainers

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