Hips Lead Hands Dry Swing Drill

Exclusive Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Drill

Hips leading hands drill
Hips leading hands drill

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A quick drill you can do without a ball is called “hips-before-hands” practice swings. I like to do this in the on deck circle because it makes me focus on my hips as opposed to swinging with my arms, and it speeds up my bat.

We start all of our LASER Blast drills close to our foot down position, with our hands nice and relaxed at the top of the strike zone.

Spread out in your stance, imagine you are in the on deck circle getting your timing right.

For this drill we’re exaggerate starting the swing with our hips first, and then bringing the bat through the zone.

So there is a slight delay between your hips going and your hands going.

A lot of players swing with their arms in the on deck circle, and don’t use their hips. They are practicing a long swing, therefore their swing will be long and slow in the game.

Exaggerate it even more to make sure you get the mechanics.


Hips, then hands.


This will train you to swing with your hips as opposed to leading your swing with your hands.

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