Hips Lead Hands Dry Swing Drill

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Hips Leading Hands Drill
Hips leading hands drill

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A quick drill you can do without a ball is called “hips-before-hands” practice swings. I like to do this in the on deck circle because it makes me focus on my hips as opposed to swinging with my arms, and it speeds up my bat.

We start all of our LASER Blast drills close to our foot down position, with our hands nice and relaxed at the top of the strike zone.

Spread out in your stance, imagine you are in the on deck circle getting your timing right.

For this drill we’re exaggerate starting the swing with our hips first, and then bringing the bat through the zone.

So there is a slight delay between your hips going and your hands going.

A lot of players swing with their arms in the on deck circle, and don’t use their hips. They are practicing a long swing, therefore their swing will be long and slow in the game.

Exaggerate it even more to make sure you get the mechanics.


Hips, then hands.


This will train you to swing with your hips as opposed to leading your swing with your hands.

Besides more bat speed and power another huge advantage using your hips is being able to hold your swing at the very last moment


CORE-FORCE, ROTATE, CONNECT, RELEASE [A.K.A HIPS BEFORE HANDS] HOW TO HOLD-UP YOUR SWING AT LAST SPLIT SECOND 1 - CORE INITIATES ROTATION 2 - ELBOW ENGAGES TO CORE 3 - ARMS ALONG FOR THE RIDE 4 - MAKE DECISION TO TAKE OR SWING 5 - HOLD UP AT LAST SECOND 6 - CORE TAKES THE FORCE Learn more about our Laser Hitting System: https://thehittingproject.com/product/baseball-products/bat-speed-swing-aid/swing-trainer-drills/

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Drill Type 1: Explosive Core Drills

LASER Blast - How To Isolate and Improve Explosive Core Power Minimize swing movement and maximize core power. Explosive core drills prepare you to hit hard, fast and/or late-breaking pitches giving you little time to react. In this case, you’re required to hit the ball closer to home plate (deeper contact zones). Above average fastballs, hard and tight sliders/sinkers and pitches on the inside corner of home plate. Explosive core drills improve 2-strike hitting, where you don’t know what pitch is coming and you have to rely on your natural reflexes, commonly called “see and react” hitting. Advantages Of Training Explosive Core Drills Improves Trail/Top-Hand Power For Hitting The High Pitch It trains the perfect swing to hit the high ball. The trail/top-hand plays an important role for generating bat speed and power with deeper contact zones, e.g. a fastball high in the zone. Improving top-hand power is especially important for players who are bottom/lead-hand dominant hitters who tend to hit the low ball well, but struggle with the up-and-in/deep contact zones (which are top-hand dominant pitch locations). Explosive Core Power Train perfect rotational mechanics to unlock the explosive power of your core. Strategically designed resistance to your upper body reduces your ability to “muscle up” or “cast” using your arms, which trains you to generate power from your core. Also, our elasticized strap connects your back arm to your hips/rib cage, acting as a bridge to transfer the power generated from your core to your swing. Improve Muscle Memory For Hitting The Inside Pitch Training to hit a deeper contact zone, while using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer, improves hands-inside-the-ball swing mechanics. Your eyes send a message to your brain, showing that you can stay back and hit the up-and-inside pitch, resulting in confidence to hit on game day. Improve Bat Speed Training a “hands inside the baseball” swing is key for developing a short and powerful baseball swing. The Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer guides you to the fastest and most powerful swing path… all the time, every time. Our patented elasticized strap provides your upper body with the perfect amount of resistance to keep your “hands inside the ball” for every swing you take. Learn more about how to train: https://thehittingproject.com/learn/how/train/

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