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Hitting Drills, Tips and Guides For Staying Closed

See the improvement from the first swing of the round to the last.
 June 26, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Good luck to the Kingdom of Netherlands U/23 team in the European Championships, Czech Republic, August 7. All the hard work implementing our LASER Strap program will pay dividends; bring back the gold.
Improve pitch recognition to increase walks, as you build your confidence to track the ball.

BOOM! How do you like them apples?
 June 22, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Others boast about having a specialist, "hands-inside-the-ball" product that does nothing else. It ranks at number 4 on our top 20 features.

Oranje... BOOM!
 June 20, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Dutch National Team Laser Program
Netherlands National Team - Laser Strap Program

5 Vital Reasons to Track the Ball
 June 19, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Reason 1: Turns a baseball or softball into a "beach ball."
Tracking the ball will help your subconscious mind to take a snapshot of that pitch, store it, and use it for your next at-bats

BOOM! LASER BLAST & WHIP - Dutch National Team
 June 13, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Had a great session working with the Dutch U/23 national team. Excellent feedback from the players and coaches.
Overload and Strength Strengthen your core, "power hitting" muscles; such as your side obliques and abdominals.

Opposition teams will try to exploit any weakness in your swing
 June 13, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Fix your swing holes
how to blast

Chain Reaction of Lazy Mechanics and Poor Approach
 May 18, 2017 Team Bat Speed

End result... epic fail to hit for power and average
Sport Precise™ Phase 1: Move away from your core

How To Stop Striking Out
 March 8, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Develop your hitting approach, build confidence and train both deeper and extended swing mechanics.
2 Strike hitting is part of the game, but that doesn't give you an excuse to do it 2-3 times a game. Without an effective 2 strike hitting approach, you'll struggle when hitting in high pressure situations.

4 Simple Tips To Fix Pulling Off The Ball
 February 28, 2017 Team Bat Speed

We've broken down the reasons for flying open into a step-by-step format, using video drills and tips to help you quickly and easily fix this common hitting mistake.

20 Minute LASER Bat Speed Challenge: Drill 3 Deep Contact Explosive Core Front Toss
 February 23, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Turn any player into A Laser hitting machine using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer and a few simple drills
20 Minute Laser Challenge

Laser Strap Top Hand High Tee Drill: Improve Top Hand Power and Bat Speed
 June 7, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Train the core concepts of rotational hitting as you generate your swing from your hips

Balance Ball Red Hat Toss: Basic Contact Drills to Keep the Head Down
 May 29, 2016 Team Bat Speed

This drill teaches beginners to keep their head down when swinging, to set up in strong batting stance and to develop a short swing path the baseball
How to teach kids to hit a softball

20-Minute Time Saver Practice Plan - Fix Pulling off the Ball
 May 9, 2016 Team Bat Speed

3 simple drills to keep your front side closed
Drills to prevent pulling off the baseball

The Shorten Up Drill: Practice drill to improve swing speed
 March 19, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Increase your power, gain confidence to hit an inside fastball and improve your game-day hitting
Shorten up hitting drill

Laser Strap Heavy Side Toss: Drill To Increase Strength And Power
 March 15, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Increase bat speed, power and strength
Side Toss Drill

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