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Beginner Hitting Drills, Tips and Guides

5 Vital Reasons to Track the Ball
 June 19, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Reason 1: Turns a baseball or softball into a "beach ball."
Tracking the ball will help your subconscious mind to take a snapshot of that pitch, store it, and use it for your next at-bats

A simple exercise to teach complex mechanics
 June 16, 2017 Team Bat Speed

We put a lot of thought into making a simple drill to teach, core power, rotating and staying connected.
20 MINUTE LASERS IS A GUARANTEED WINNER. Works every single time and trains a complete swing. EVERY single player I coach has seen an immediate improvement in bat speed, power, and mechanics. - Clinton Balgera, Founder of, Sport Precise Training and Inventor of our patented, Sport Precise™ Technology

Opposition teams will try to exploit any weakness in your swing
 June 13, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Fix your swing holes
how to blast

3 Reasons Players Swing and Miss
 June 13, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Tips and Drills to Fix
Hit for power against power pitchers. See immediate results as our patented Sport Precise™ technology uses Sport Precise™ Resistance and Acceleration to improve explosive core power.

 June 10, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Pick of our best free access website training guides for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.
Hitting drills, tips and guides

Showing progression so others can learn
 June 9, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Instead of studying the perfect swing. You're better off considering the player's challenges he overcame to get a perfect swing.
Our goal is to share footage from players all over the world, highlighting progression so others can learn

Practice Plan: Basics of Rotation - 20 Minute Time-Saver
 May 23, 2017 Team Bat Speed

This practice session solves one of the toughest things to do... teaching rotation to beginners

Chain Reaction of Lazy Mechanics and Poor Approach
 May 18, 2017 Team Bat Speed

End result... epic fail to hit for power and average
Sport Precise™ Phase 1: Move away from your core

Basic Hitting Drill Guide - LASER Blast Front Toss
 May 16, 2017 Team Bat Speed

INSIDER HITTING TIP - Mix up the location and height around the strike zone to ensure the hitter can handle the fastball away, inside, up and down in the strike zone.
Keep you hands inside the baseball with our front toss drill

Hips Before Hands Part 2
 May 11, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Leading your swing with your arms reduces bat speed, creates problems in games when you are fooled by a pitch, and causes problems with the mechanics of your swing.
Laser Strap Hips Before Hands Drill

LASER Whip Side Toss Drill - Powerful Extension
 April 21, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Our Bat Speed Precise Trainer™ guides you to powerful extension… all the time, every time.
Powerful Extension Drills

How to Stride for Power Hitting - LASER Blast and LASER Whip
 April 19, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Combine these 2 types of batting strides to train a complete power hitter.

5 Step LASER Blast Drill Guide for Beginners
 April 10, 2017 Team Bat Speed

5 simple steps to set the foundation for an explosive power swing.
How to load for a baseball or softball swing

Better Than Regular Batting Practice. Triggered Batting Practice.
 April 3, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Triggered batting practice is a great alternative to standard batting practice as it better replicates the timing and feel of a real game day at bat
Triggered batting practice

Full Guide - 20 Minute LASER Bat Speed Challenge
 March 14, 2017 Team Bat Speed

EVERY single player I've coached has seen an immediate improvement in bat speed, power and technique with the following drills.
20 minute challenge bat speed, power and technique

 March 13, 2017 Team Bat Speed

When your players train using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer, you won’t have to say anything about staying connected. It takes care of the hardest parts, so you can focus on the basics.
Teaching kids to stay connected

Laser Drill. Hips Lead Hands Dry Swing Drill
 March 11, 2017 Team Bat Speed

A Quick Drill You Can Do Without A Ball Is Called “Hips-Before-Hands” Practice Swings
Hips leading hands drill

How To Stop Striking Out
 March 8, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Develop your hitting approach, build confidence and train both deeper and extended swing mechanics.
2 Strike hitting is part of the game, but that doesn't give you an excuse to do it 2-3 times a game. Without an effective 2 strike hitting approach, you'll struggle when hitting in high pressure situations.

Laser Package
 March 1, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Free downloads and 24/7 cloud access to our training guides

4 Simple Tips To Fix Pulling Off The Ball
 February 28, 2017 Team Bat Speed

We've broken down the reasons for flying open into a step-by-step format, using video drills and tips to help you quickly and easily fix this common hitting mistake.

The Stand In Drill: Improve Game Day Hitting, Timing and Tracking the Ball
 February 25, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Includes step-by-step animated quick tip GIF's
Vision baseball hitting drill to improve game day performance

20 Minute LASER Bat Speed Challenge: Drill 3 Deep Contact Explosive Core Front Toss
 February 23, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Turn any player into A Laser hitting machine using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer and a few simple drills
20 Minute Laser Challenge

[Part 2] Laser Bat Speed Basic Tee Drill - Keeping Your Head Down
 February 21, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Avoid clouding your mind with too much information. Close your mind and open your eyes to allow your subconscious mind to trigger your LASER fast/reflex swing.
Tip for keeping your head down

Hitting Tips: The Best Baseball Hitting Stance
 February 13, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Simple batting stance tips and drills to engage your powerful core
Batting stance for power hitting

Basic Step-By-Step Techniques for Improved Hitting Mechanics
 February 9, 2017 Team Bat Speed

The following range of video drills and tips breakdown the swing into simple parts.

Beginner Practice Plan. 20-Minute Time-Saver: Stance - Load - Rotation
 February 8, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Time-saving practice plan with batting drills designed to teach beginners the very basics of hitting

Hitting Tip: How To Stay Back When Hitting
 February 6, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Best Hitting Drills And Tips For Staying Back
You can’t reach out, you can’t swing with your shoulders, you can’t swing with your arms, you can’t swing with your legs. You have to swing from your core.

[Drill 1 Updated] 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed Challenge
 January 29, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Basics of Rotation and How to Stay Connected
How to fix a long swing

The Back Foot And Rotational Hitting Mechanics
 January 13, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Proper rotation will take the weight off your back foot allowing you to spin on your toes
Back foot rotation

The Glove Hat Drill
 December 9, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Simple Drill To Keep Your Head Down When Swinging
Hitting drill that stops a hitter from pulling off the baseball

Tee-Drill Training - 20-Minute Time-Saver Batting Practice Plan
 November 21, 2016 Team Bat Speed

3 target-specific tee drills: extension, bat speed and game day hitting
Tee Drill For Power and Bat Speed

Hitting Tips: How To Train Side Toss Drill
 October 12, 2016 Team Bat Speed

A side on soft toss allows the hitting coach to view the hitter from a side on angle while he takes his swings — this is valuable as the hitting coach can check the following
Side Toss Hitting Drill

Bat Speed Training For Kids
 August 8, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Learn how to hit from the ground up
Bat Speed Crash Course

Laser Whip; Down And Away Isolation Drills
 May 29, 2016 Team Bat Speed

LASER WHIP; DOWN AND AWAY ISOLATION DRILLS (1) Improve bat speed and power for extended contact zones. (2) Preparing, you to hit game day pitches such as, "hanging breaking ball" or a; "late breaking, down-and-away slider."
Opposite Field Hitting

Balance Ball Red Hat Toss: Basic Contact Drills to Keep the Head Down
 May 29, 2016 Team Bat Speed

This drill teaches beginners to keep their head down when swinging, to set up in strong batting stance and to develop a short swing path the baseball
How to teach kids to hit a softball

Back Cone Drill: Back Foot Rotation Hitting Drill
 May 26, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Once kids understand the basic role of the back foot they can progress to the more challenging concepts
Lead hand cone hitting drill for increased bat speed

10-Point Stance Check: Batting Stance Drill
 May 25, 2016 Team Bat Speed

The 10-Point Batting Stance System Check is designed to teach your kids the best batting stance in a short amount of time
Baseball batting stance drill

20 Minute Time-Saver Practice Plan to Fix Diving and Fix Stepping In The Bucket
 May 9, 2016 Team Bat Speed

For the following set of 3 drills you’re required to use 2 markers as a reference point for your batting stride. In this example we use cones for the markers. You can set the markers at a distance of 4 inches past shoulder width, make sure they are set in a straight line.
Practice plan to fix striding

Laser Bat Speed Tee Drill [Part 3] Low and Away Tee Drill
 April 22, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Once you've trained to hit the middle pitch locations you can now work on hitting the low and away pitch. Set the tee low and place on the outside corner
Low and Away Tee Drills ShareEmbedEmail

Hands Back Tee Drill: Hitting Drill to Keep your Hands Back
 April 14, 2016 Team Bat Speed created The Hands Back Tee Drill to isolate key components within the baseball swing
Teaches a hitter to rotate on the balls of his foot; if the hitter does not rotate is back foot or rotates on the heel of his foot then this will contribute to the hitter pulling off the baseball and dipping with the back shoulder.

Teach Kids The Basics of Hitting Using A Balance Ball
 April 11, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Try mixing a balance ball into your next hitting session
Batting practice drill to teach rotational hitting

6 Simple Ways Parents Can Coach Kids To Hit
 November 13, 2015 Team Bat Speed

The secret for identifying common hitting mistakes with kids is to focus your attention on one thing at a time
Baseball swing app

Tee Drill For 1: Learn How To Make Swing Adjustments On Your Own
 August 30, 2015 Team Bat Speed

Learn how to make swing adjustments by the way the ball travels off you bat
The best way to take tee drill to improve hitting performance

How To Take Good BP - Batting Practice
 June 6, 2015 Team Bat Speed

Batting practice is not a time to over-swing, it is vital that young players stay within themselves and don’t try to hit every pitch for a home run.
let the ball travel

Coaching Batting To Kids. Learning To Hit For The First Time
 March 21, 2015 Team Bat Speed

The biggest mistake young hitters tend to make is not keeping their head down for the entire baseball swing, even after the point of contact
Great drill for kids learning to hit for the first time

3 Colored Ball Drill: Release Point Drill and Cut Down on Striking Out
 February 28, 2015 Team Bat Speed

Simple drill to help with release point recognition. Easy for parents and coaches to do with kids

Tips for Hitting the High and Low Pitch
 November 17, 2014 Team Bat Speed

Useful tips for hitting pitches at different heights
Coaching Beginners To Hit. Step-By-Step Practice Plan

Free Cheat Sheet Hitting Tool To Fix Mistakes Fast
 August 9, 2014 Team Bat Speed

Hitting Cheat Sheet provides parents and coaches with quick fixes to the most common hitting mistakes. Access quick fixes for striking out, no power, long swing, jumping out and pulling off the ball
Free Cheat Sheet Hitting Tool

Basic Steps to Coach Hitting a Baseball or Softball
 August 1, 2014 Team Bat Speed

The following batting practice session provides step-by-step practice drills for those parents and coaches training kids to hit for the first time. By the end of this 30 minute session, you'll see a significant improvement in your kid's swing
Teach kids to hit in 4 simple steps

Top Hand Baseball Hitting Drills Basics
 July 28, 2014 Team Bat Speed

Great hitting drill for strengthening the forearm while increasing bat speed and power

Ultimate Baseball Hitting Practice Guide
 July 5, 2014 Team Bat Speed

Simple Drills And Tips To Prepare You For The Realities Of Game Day Hitting.
Baseball hitting drills and tips

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