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Hitting Drills, Tips and Guides to Teach Back Foot Rotation

How Back Foot Mechanics Impact Your Baseball Swing

The back foot’s a key indicator for your baseball swing. Back foot rotation’s used to identify hitting mistakes such as pulling off the ball, dipping or a long baseball swing.

  1. Proper back foot rotation will help you to stay balanced throughout your baseball swing. Opposed to your back foot getting stuck and you falling off-balance as a result.
  2. Rotating your back foot from you hips enables you to make solid contact with the low and outside pitch.
  3. You’ll be able to get lower to the ground and hit the low ball for power.
  4. The speed of your back foot rotation correlates to your bat speed.
  5. Rotating on your back foot prevents flying open when you swing. Otherwise,  you’ll spin-off the baseball as your upper body fights against your lower body.
  6. Prevents dipping too much with your back shoulder . Failure to rotate on your back foot causes too much weight to your back foot triggering a chain reaction of hitting mistakes. Incorrect weight distribution triggers a dip in your swing causing you to pull of the baseball with your head and shoulders resulting in you either striking out, hitting a weak ground ball or weak a pop up fly ball.

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