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Better Than Regular Batting Practice. Triggered Batting Practice.
 April 3, 2017 Clint Balgera

Triggered batting practice is a great alternative to standard batting practice as it better replicates the timing and feel of a real game day at bat
Triggered batting practice

[Drill 2 Updated] 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed Challenge - Top Hand Isolation
 February 24, 2017 Clint Balgera

Teaches rotational mechanics and improves core power by isolating the explosive rotational phase of your swing.

20 Minute LASER Bat Speed Challenge: Drill 3 Deep Contact Explosive Core Front Toss
 February 23, 2017 Clint Balgera

Turn any player into A Laser hitting machine using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer and a few simple drills
20 Minute Laser Challenge

[Drill 1 Updated] 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed Challenge
 January 29, 2017 Clint Balgera

Basics of Rotation and How to Stay Connected
How to fix a long swing

LASER Beam Top-Hand Power Hitting Series
 January 10, 2017 Clint Balgera

Learn how to hit the toughest pitch location for power
Keeps you connected

Sport Precise™ Resistance Increase Muscle Strength To Improve Power Hitting
 August 27, 2016 Clint Balgera

Sport Precise™ Resistance and Sport Precise™ Acceleration continue to work, generating massive bat speed and power at the point of contact.
Builds Strength Plus Increases Size In Muscles Used For Power Hitting

Laser Strap Bat Speed Training Drill To Hit An Inside Fastball
 August 23, 2016 Clint Balgera

You can practice the Laser Strap Triggered Batting Practice drill and learn how to hit an inside fastball using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Swing Trainer.
You need to see it for yourself during batting practice to develop the confidence necessary to be successful when facing quality pitching. Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer drills better replicate game day hitting, as opposed to practice drills that may cause bad swing habits by encouraging you to pull a belt-high slow-moving fastball. This causes you to rush your swing, jump out and pull off the ball on game day

Up-And-Inside Fastball Drill. Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer. Live B.P
 August 14, 2016 Clint Balgera

The ultimate hitting test for any player. And we did it with ease.
Live Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Batting Practice

Laser Power Hitting Drill - Heavy Bat Top-Hand Side Toss
 August 11, 2016 Clint Balgera

Improves – Hands inside the baseball, rotational hitting, top hand strength, high ball hitting, power, hitting the inside pitch, deep contact zone hitting and more
Improves – Hands inside the baseball, rotational hitting, top hand strength, high ball hitting, power, hitting the inside pitch, deep contact zone hitting

Laser Strap Game Day Batting Practice: Hands Inside The Baseball Hitting Drill
 August 15, 2015 Clint Balgera

If you have any doubt in your head about hitting an inside fastball, this will show itself during your game day at-bats, in the form of rushing your swing and flying open.
Game Day Batting Practice

How To Improve Your Hands Inside The Baseball Swing
 August 9, 2014 Clint Balgera

Hitting drills, tips and practice guides to improve your hands inside the ball swing. Get more bat speed and unlock the explosive power of your core
The following image shows the movement of, "hands inside the baseball". You can see how the upper arm remains connected to the body. The upper arm then acts as a bridge connecting your swing to your core.

How To Hit A Fastball
 August 9, 2014 Clint Balgera

The number one swing adjustment you’ll have to make in order to hit an inside fastball is to practice the hands-inside-the-baseball swing
Train a short hands-inside-the-baseball-swing. When you practice drills that replicated game day situations your eyes transfer the message to your brain that you can do a specific task, in this case hitting the inside fastball…. In short, you need to see it to believe it.

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