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Better Than Regular Batting Practice. Triggered Batting Practice.
 April 3, 2017 Clint Balgera

Triggered batting practice is a great alternative to standard batting practice as it better replicates the timing and feel of a real game day at bat
Triggered batting practice

Preparing To Hit In The On Deck Circle
 March 21, 2017 Clint Balgera

Don't waste time in the on-deck circle it's a valuable tool that can help you succeed as a hitter.

 March 13, 2017 Clint Balgera

When your players train using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer, you won’t have to say anything about staying connected. It takes care of the hardest parts, so you can focus on the basics.
Teaching kids to stay connected

Laser Tee Drill [Part 1] Basic Tips For Hitting The High Pitch
 February 25, 2017 Clint Balgera

Focus on hitting a line drive back up the middle of the hitting cage and keep your head down throughout the entire swing. Don't try to pull the ball!
Basic tee drill

20 Minute LASER Bat Speed Challenge: Drill 3 Deep Contact Explosive Core Front Toss
 February 23, 2017 Clint Balgera

Turn any player into A Laser hitting machine using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer and a few simple drills
20 Minute Laser Challenge

Chain Reaction of Incorrect Mechanics & Approach
 February 17, 2017 Clint Balgera

Failure to rotate your back foot from your hips triggers a breakdown in your swing. Lacking confidence causes you to rush your stride.
Batting Practice Helper

4-Step Practice Formula for Success
 December 25, 2016 Clint Balgera

Our 4-step practice formula builds game day confidence needed to be a successful hitter.
Power Batting Practice Combo - Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer - Laser Blast & Laser Whip BP

Holding Your Swing Drill. The Point Of No Return
 December 22, 2016 Clint Balgera

The best way to take a pitch is by engaging your core, keeping your arm connected to your rib cage/core.

3 Simple Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Drills To Crush The Inside Fastball
 October 27, 2016 Clint Balgera

Game-Day Success Comes From Confidence To Hit Any Pitch

Confidence Building Tee-Drill
 May 30, 2015 Clint Balgera

Improve Your Confidence And Mentally Prepare For Game Day
Best way to improve your hitting

Game Day Tee Drill. Training Your Mind and Mechanics For Game Day Hitting
 February 26, 2015 Clint Balgera

Game-Day Tee Drill is designed to turn a good practice hitter into a great game-day hitter
Low in front and away tee-drill

Confidence Building Cheat Sheet. Improve Your Mental Game
 December 30, 2014 Clint Balgera

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Free Cheat Sheet Hitting Tool To Fix Mistakes Fast
 August 9, 2014 Clint Balgera

Hitting Cheat Sheet provides parents and coaches with quick fixes to the most common hitting mistakes. Access quick fixes for striking out, no power, long swing, jumping out and pulling off the ball
Free Cheat Sheet Hitting Tool

How To Be An Aggressive Hitter
 August 8, 2014 Clint Balgera

In order to be a successful hitter there must be balance between patient & aggressive hitting
Staying connected with your swing

Get More RBI. Hitting With Runners in Scoring Position
 August 7, 2014 Clint Balgera

Understanding the correct methods for hitting with a runner in scoring position will pay great dividends
Game day hitting aid

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