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Hitting Drills, Tips and Guides for Timing

See the improvement from the first swing of the round to the last.
 June 26, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Good luck to the Kingdom of Netherlands U/23 team in the European Championships, Czech Republic, August 7. All the hard work implementing our LASER Strap program will pay dividends; bring back the gold.
Improve pitch recognition to increase walks, as you build your confidence to track the ball.

Seriously, you couldn't make this stuff up!
 June 25, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Jack Smalpage cops a surprise on the last swing. It was his first year training with the big boys. To his credit he must have learned something, the following year he won the Batting Title!
Overload training on its own is of little value. Don't waste time with various overload/underload exercises. You'll develop a long swing with the excessive weight pulling your arms away from your core. Use a heavy bat with our LASER Strap and practice your regular drills; it gives all the benefits of overload/underload plus the critical element of, "staying connected" and "hands-inside-the-ball.”

Session Review: Learning From Other Players Mistakes.
 June 22, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Swing number 5 (17 seconds) gives insight to a critical component for LASER Blast drills
Your swing is now short and "blasting" giving time to track

Sooner all later you'll all turn to the, LASER DARKSIDE; (insert evil laugh).
 June 21, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Those who are the slowest are those stuck in tradition, but sooner all later you'll all turn to the, LASER DARKSIDE; (insert evil laugh).

Unique Global LASER Story - Rotterdam Unicorns Baseball Academy
 June 16, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer is a big hit in the Netherlands
Rotterdam Unicorns Baseball Academy

How to Stride for Power Hitting - LASER Blast and LASER Whip
 April 19, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Combine these 2 types of batting strides to train a complete power hitter.

Better Than Regular Batting Practice. Triggered Batting Practice.
 April 3, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Triggered batting practice is a great alternative to standard batting practice as it better replicates the timing and feel of a real game day at bat
Triggered batting practice

Laser Tee Drill [Part 1] Basic Tips For Hitting The High Pitch
 February 25, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Focus on hitting a line drive back up the middle of the hitting cage and keep your head down throughout the entire swing. Don't try to pull the ball!
Basic tee drill

The Stand In Drill: Improve Game Day Hitting, Timing and Tracking the Ball
 February 25, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Includes step-by-step animated quick tip GIF's
Vision baseball hitting drill to improve game day performance

20 Minute LASER Bat Speed Challenge: Drill 3 Deep Contact Explosive Core Front Toss
 February 23, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Turn any player into A Laser hitting machine using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer and a few simple drills
20 Minute Laser Challenge

Baseball Fundamentals: Load and Timing Drills for Game Day
 February 5, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Without practicing the minimum amount of repetitions of quality timing drills that is required by your subconscious mind, you will not be prepared for game day
how to load when hitting

Sport Precise Resistance Improving Core Hitting Mechanics
 October 5, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Front Hip - Internal, External, Transverse and Lateral Rotation. Each of the following movements creates internal rotation of your hips via the movement of the knee toward your center axis (creating internal rotation).

Laser Strap Bat Speed Training Drill To Hit An Inside Fastball
 August 23, 2016 Team Bat Speed

You can practice the Laser Strap Triggered Batting Practice drill and learn how to hit an inside fastball using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Swing Trainer.

Laser Bat Speed Tee Drill [Part 3] Low and Away Tee Drill
 April 22, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Once you've trained to hit the middle pitch locations you can now work on hitting the low and away pitch. Set the tee low and place on the outside corner
Low and Away Tee Drills ShareEmbedEmail

Practice Plan: LASER Blast Side Toss and LASER Whip Batting Practice
 April 11, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Hands inside the ball, timing and extension in one short/fast hitting session
LASER BLAST & LASER WHIP BAT SPEED COMBO - Side Toss and BP - Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

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