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Hitting Drills & Tips To Improve Your Load

Cold Cut Combo With Extra Cheese
 July 20, 2017

Use with any drill; we are simply showing examples to inspire your practice regime.
Why can’t you be good at hitting every type of pitch? If you look closely at these four images, they hold the secret. Akin to what MMA achieved in fighting sports, we are doing the same for hitting. Bringing together the best of multiple techniques into one easy top-level category. As a bonus, we invented a revolutionary training aid to help along the way.

5 Vital Reasons to Track the Ball
 June 19, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Reason 1: Turns a baseball or softball into a "beach ball."
Tracking the ball will help your subconscious mind to take a snapshot of that pitch, store it, and use it for your next at-bats

Opposition teams will try to exploit any weakness in your swing
 June 13, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Fix your swing holes
how to blast

Upper Body Stance And Load Hitting Tips
 June 11, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Customer Q&A: Upper Body Stance & Load Tips"He went two for three tonight with the last being a hard grounder to short which he couldn't
Upper Body Stance & Load Tips

How to Stride for Power Hitting - LASER Blast and LASER Whip
 April 19, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Combine these 2 types of batting strides to train a complete power hitter.

Better Than Regular Batting Practice. Triggered Batting Practice.
 April 3, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Triggered batting practice is a great alternative to standard batting practice as it better replicates the timing and feel of a real game day at bat
Triggered batting practice

Laser Tee Drill [Part 1] Basic Tips For Hitting The High Pitch
 February 25, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Focus on hitting a line drive back up the middle of the hitting cage and keep your head down throughout the entire swing. Don't try to pull the ball!
Basic tee drill

Beginner Practice Plan. 20-Minute Time-Saver: Stance - Load - Rotation
 February 8, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Time-saving practice plan with batting drills designed to teach beginners the very basics of hitting

Baseball Fundamentals: Load and Timing Drills for Game Day
 February 5, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Without practicing the minimum amount of repetitions of quality timing drills that is required by your subconscious mind, you will not be prepared for game day
how to load when hitting

Follow Through Swing Mechanics
 January 26, 2017 Team Bat Speed

Stay through the baseball, remaining balanced, don't fight your natural swing path and keep your head down

How To Fix A Long Swing In Just 6 Swings
 November 14, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Hitting for the first time can be difficult. Here are some simple tips to help coach kids who struggle to hit in the beginning
Fix a long baseball swing

Sport Precise Resistance Improving Core Hitting Mechanics
 October 5, 2016 Team Bat Speed

Front Hip - Internal, External, Transverse and Lateral Rotation. Each of the following movements creates internal rotation of your hips via the movement of the knee toward your center axis (creating internal rotation).

Laser Strap Bat Speed Training Drill To Hit An Inside Fastball
 August 23, 2016 Team Bat Speed

You can practice the Laser Strap Triggered Batting Practice drill and learn how to hit an inside fastball using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Swing Trainer.

6 Simple Ways Parents Can Coach Kids To Hit
 November 13, 2015 Team Bat Speed

The secret for identifying common hitting mistakes with kids is to focus your attention on one thing at a time
Baseball swing app

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