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Preview: Basic core rotation and staying connected

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20 Minute Bat Speed Challenge Champion

Video featuring the future Mike Trout, "Hello Clint, I can see much improved bat speed after one 20 minute laser session with my 10 year old son. Video attached." Thanks, J. Darst USA. Our latest proud LASER parent just received his delivery and 20 minutes later his boy was hitting LASERS! Learn more about our 20 Minute LASER Bat Speed Challenge https://thehittingproject.com/fix-long-baseball-swing/

Posted by thehittingproject.com on Saturday, April 29, 2017
Laser Strap™

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Cause and Effect Example

Are You Confused about any or all of the following terms?

1) “Bat Lag” versus “Bat Drag”
2) How to get “bat whip”
3) Hips before hands
4) Staying connected
5) Bat exit speed velocity
We like to focus on the cause, not the effect.
All these “buzz” terms are the, effect of correct rotation (the cause).
When you listen to people who over-complicate the effect… hitting gets harder. When you focus on the cause things become a lot easier…
Regarding hitting information, as soon as someone starts taking about “45 or 90 degree angles”, just nod politely… say thanks for your time and walk away…

We are big on action and getting results… if you want to train:

1) “Bat Lag” versus “Bat Drag”
2) How to get “bat whip”
3) Hips before hands
4) Staying connected
5) Bat exit speed velocity
Put on our LASER CORE ℗ Bat Speed Precise Trainer™ (A.K.A Laser Strap) follow our simple instructions and in under 20 minutes you’ll master all 5. More specifically drill’s 1, 2 and 3 of our 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed Challenge will get the job done.

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How To Fix A Long Swing

Our LASER CORE ℗ Bat Speed Precise Trainer™ (A.K.A Laser Strap) makes you swing with your hips as opposed to your arms. There’s too much focus on the upper half of the body when hitting. The swing engine room is your core, more specifically your hips. Correct lower half hitting mechanics will prevent hitting mistakes associated with your head, arms and shoulder’s such as pulling off the baseball.

Keeping Your Hands Inside The Ball To Fix Your Long Swing

Swinging with your back elbow connected to your body generates bat speed and transfers core strength to your arms, acting as a bridge to your powerful core.

Swinging with your hands inside the baseball allows you to generate bat speed and power. Your back elbow plays a vital role with bat speed and power, especially to hit the inside pitch. If your back elbow extends too far away from your rib cage, indicating a long swing; you’ll continually get “jammed” by the inside fastball.

Real world example of core power.

If you were to hold a 30 pound rock for 20 seconds, this task is a lot easier when you hold the rock close to your body as your core big and strong core muscles take the weight

If you were to hold the rock away from your body the rock becomes heavier and more difficult to hold, as you’re getting away from your center of gravity, consequently the weaker muscles of your shoulders and arms take the weight.

The same goes with hitting, the further your hands get away from your center of gravity, the weaker your swing will be.

Training to keep your hands inside the ball is one of the most difficult challenges you’ll face when hitting.

This is one of the reasons why our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer is a popular choice to improve bat speed. The innovative elasticized strap is strategically designed to keep your hands inside the baseball every time your swing, training vital muscle memory to prepare your swing for game day.

What Causes a Long Baseball Swing?

If You Practice With A Long Swing You’ll Develop A Long Swing

I hit great during batting practice drills but can’t hit in a game, what am I doing wrong?

“You can’t afford to get fooled by hitting coaches who promise they’ve discovered the secret recipe for hitting home runs. Home run baseball hitting drills practice hitting a slow-moving belt-high pitch. The problem’s when facing a quality pitcher in your league chances are he’s not going throw a “mistake pitch” you can hit for a home run.”
Clinton Balgera. Founder of TheHittingProject.com

Allow to ball to travel, avoid reaching for the ball

Bad Practice Habits


If you practice with a long swing,  you’ll have a long swing in the game. Too much BP where you try to pull every pitch or hit home runs will result in bat drag and a slow bat.


Over time, you’ll develop bad habits as you start to lunge and wave at the ball. This will then transfer to your game-day at-bats, where you’ll find that you’ll have trouble hitting the inside fastball and you’ll jump out at the baseball to try and compensate (resulting in poor game-day performance).


In order to prepare your swing for a game-day inside fastball, you need to practice drills that allow the ball the travel deep in the hitting zone, forcing you to keep your hands inside the baseball (the key to a short swing).

  • Keep your hands inside the ball. To avoid a long and weak swing you need to stay connected with your back elbow to your rib cage, especially if you continually get beaten by a good fastball. The Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer is the ultimate hands-inside-the-ball tool, guiding you to the best swing path on every single practice swing you take.
  • Generate your swing from your core. Avoid starting your swing with your hands, instead initiate your swing with your hips. This will help to improve bat speed, power and consistency.
  • Shorten Up. This is “old-school” mentality, however, sometimes a hitter has to swallow his pride and shorten up 2-4 inches on the knob of the baseball bat. What’s more embarrassing? Shortening up on the bat, or striking out 4 times in a baseball game? The hitter who is willing to make physical and mental adjustments during at-bats will ultimately be more successful.
  • Don’t try to pull the ball, over-swing or fight or natural swing path. Throughout your entire swing try to stay centered from your head to belly button. This will help to improve bat speed and contact consistency. Falling off-balance points to over-swinging, trying to pull the ball, incorrect mechanics or fighting your natural swing path, for example; lifting the bat on your follow through when hitting the high up in the zone.

Make Sure You Have a Strong Foundation

Images Below Will Help You With Basic Set Up For All Drills, Remember To Spread Out. And Make Sure Your Weight Distribution Is On Inside Balls Of Your Feet (see Balance Ball Image Below For Simple Exercise, Stand Over Balance Ball And Squeeze Your Knees Into The Ball)

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