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ABOUT SIZING: All Exoprecise products including our Laser Strap are adjustable to fit children and adults comfortably. PDF User Manual – learn how to size, sizing tables, how to wear, training options and more.
DO YOU OFFER A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE? Return within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. No questions asked. You can send an email to support@thehittingproject.com or use our web contact form, to begin the refund process.
HOW DOES SHIPPING WORK? We ship to all countries. We’ve delivered our product to over 30 countries, without a glitch.
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USA customers; enter your tracking code at the USPS website, STATUS OF ITEM update; “Processed Through Facility PERTH EMPTY BAG RETURN CENTRE, AUSTRALIA” and represents the date your order departs on the flight from Australia to the USA. Of course, the trip is the most prolonged period where you won’t receive updates, generally a few days.
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WHAT PAYMENTS DO YOU ACCEPT? PayPal Express Checkout, Pay via PayPal; you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.
CAN I PAY WITH ANOTHER CURRENCY? Yes, PayPal Express automatically convert currency to US$.
DO I HAVE TO CHANGE MY CURRENT METHODS? No, you don’t. You can use our products with any methodology and integrate into your current program.
CAN YOU SHARE WITH OTHER PLAYERS ON A TEAM? You can, but we don’t recommend you share due to the importance of sizing and fitting. To run an efficient practice, we recommend you have one per player or at the minimum one for every two players.
I’M A NOVICE PARENT CAN I COACH MY KID? Yes, our products are beginner-friendly, doing most of the coaching for you.
WHAT’S YOUR AGE RECOMMENDATIONS? Our products are kid-friendly. See the “additional information” tab on our product pages for age recommendations relating to that particular product.
HOW DO YOU COMMUNICATE AFTER I ORDER? Immediately you will receive an email with your receipt. Within 24-48 hours you’ll receive your welcome email containing step-by-step quick start instructions and links to handy training guides. Within 24 hours of your order shipping, you’ll receive your code to track your delivery.
HOW DOES YOUR WARRANTY WORK? Email customer.care@thehittingproject.com and return within 12 months for a replacement.

2016 Texas Rangers scout of the year was very impressed with our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer. He’ll be passing it on to the MLB Rangers hitting coach. If the Texas Rangers start hitting LASERS this season you know why....

National team catcher, Boekie Boekhoudt had a quick play with our; LASER Strap™ Bat Speed Trainer℗, this week. Seems to have gone alright judging by his at-bat on the weekend....

Here's the exact LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer program we created for MLB player Eric Thames. In 2016 Eric was looking to return the Big Leagues after a stint in Korea. Mission accomplished!...

First Team to Train Our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer for Game Simulation...

美孚巨人和台體大選手訓練影片。使用Laser Strap打擊訓練帶,可將揮擊的力量集中至核心和下半身,讓手不會提前開掉,提升揮棒速度和專注力,將球帶進來作更強力的攻擊!...