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LASER Game Simulation Part 2

Advantages of LASER Game Simulation 1) More Time To Read and React to Pitches Our Sport Precise hitting products improve your bat speed, as you stay connected to your powerful core. Consequently, you have more time to see and react to pitches. 2) Hit the Toughest Pitch Locations It’s vital you get the required repetitions of hitting the tough pitch locations. Not just the easy ones. In short, you need to see it to believe it. Laser Game Simulation tells your brain that you can do a specific task, for example; hitting a fastball on the inside or outside corner of the plate. You'll be ready for anything the pitcher throws your way. 3) Confidence to Stay Back. Jumping out is triggered by doubt (rushing your swing). As you build confidence to hit any pitch, you'll relax and be able to remain "quiet" in the batter's box, as opposed to jumping out and lunging.

Posted by Aussie Laser Strap on Monday, May 29, 2017