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Think of LASER Strap drills as isolation drills, you’re always working on parts to improve the end product (your game day swing). For LASER Whip drills we recommend (not essential) to release your top-hand as soon as you feel pressure on your rear shoulder. If you’re a full-time 2-handed grip follow through hitter, once again think of this as an isolation drill to strengthen your bottom hand, you can return to your normal swing during the game or regular BP. If you choose to do so you can revert back to this technique during game day when facing pitchers who continually locate the ball on the lower/outside edge of home plate. If you prefer you can also use a 2-handed follow through for LASER Whip drills as it accommodates to all swing types.

I feel it's one of the best training aids I have seen, I host a weekly podcast called Youth Baseball Talk

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Our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer is fast becoming a BIG hit around the globe! Team Europe's Federico Giordani takes Power & Extension Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Batting Practice in Taiwan for the Asian Pro League. Warning! Due to the loud crack of the bat caused by taking batting practice with our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer, you may want to turn down your volume. Strength + Speed + Technique = Power & Momentum For Extended Contact Zones. Our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer guides you to powerful extension…all the time, every time. During LASER Whip Drills, our Sport Precise Trainer provides your trail/top-hand with the perfect amount of resistance to keep it connected to your core. Bat whip's generated from releasing the tension on your load, transferring speed and core strength to your lead/bottom-hand resulting in power to hit the low or extended pitch location. Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Drill Type: LASER Whip Drills/Extension Drills Set Up: Back arm inserted inside your Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Training: Power and bat speed for extended contact zones Learn more about Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer drills including, LASER Whip Drills (extension drills), and LASER Blast (explosive core deep contact zone drills) and LASER Beam (top-hand isolation drills): Big thanks to Federico Giordani and Seth Lafera for the footage and a heads up to the pitchers in the Asia Pro League who are about to get hit with a few laser blasts!

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