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Hit Lasers! Free 24/7 unlimited online access to our range of Bat Speed Precise training guides. Including drills, tips and practice plans. Options for parents, players and coaches… beginner-friendly and advanced. Flexible time-frames, ranging from 20 minutes to 3 weeks.


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How does our batting aid boost your practice?

Deeper Contact Zones

Commonly referred to as Rotational Hitting

Strength + Speed + Technique = Explosive Core Power

Prepare yourself for success against best pitchers in your league as you unlock the power of your core. No pitch will beat you for speed, after you train to hit the toughest pitch in baseball/softball… the up-and-inside-fastball.

Extended Contact Zones

Commonly referred to as Linear-to-Rotational/Torque

Strength + Speed + Technique + Momentum = Powerful Extension

Train the extra piece to the power hitting equation needed for extended contact zones… momentum! Our hitting aid guides you to powerful extension… all the time, every time.

As mentioned before, sport specific acceleration creates bat-whip on your load. Hitting in extended contact zones, acceleration turns into momentum as your back arm extends away from your core.

Training Action List

On the majority of this page you’ll find detailed information about how and why our Bat Speed Trainer works, those with limited time can simply follow our step-by-step training action list below.

We’ve experienced a 100% success rate using the following drills.

Beginner: 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed

20 Repetitions: Stay connected drill, both arms inserted.
20 Swings: Top-Hand side toss*, both arms inserted. Pass/Fail Drill! Do not move onto the next drills until you master top-hand mechanics/core rotation.
20 Swings: Explosive core front toss*, both arms inserted.
20 Swings: Powerful extension front toss*, back arm inserted.

*If you’re practicing on your own you can train tee-drill

Advanced: 40 Minute Laser Bat Speed

20 Swings: Heavy bat*, top-hand side toss, both arms inserted.
20 Swings: Heavy bat*, explosive core front toss, both arms inserted.
20 Swings: Powerful extension front toss, back arm inserted.
20 Swings: Heavy bat*, explosive core on-field/cage^ batting practice, both arms inserted
20 Swings: Powerful extension on-field/cage^ batting practice, back arm inserted.

^Choose from coaches BP, machine or hitting against live pitching.
*Heavy bat optional

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