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Hit Lasers! Free 24/7 unlimited online access to our range of LASER training guides. Including drills, tips and practice plans. Options for parents, players and coaches… beginner-friendly and advanced. Flexible time-frames, ranging from 20 minutes to 3 weeks. Choose your skill level below.

Before you start below’s a quick summary of our Sport Precise™ Training including our multi-function training options.

  1. Sport Precise™ Training does the coaching for you all you have to do is swing: Combining Sport Precise™ Resistance and Sport Precise™ Acceleration creates the ultimate muscle memory hitting tool (technically known as procedural memory). It takes care of the hardest parts of hitting (staying connected, short/compact while generating bat speed and power) making it easier to master the basics.
  2. Versatility to use with ANY hitting drill: Train simple drills to teach the basics of hitting to kids or advanced drills to supercharge the swing of top-level professional players.
  3. Works for every type of hitter: LASER Blast drills (both arms inside) and LASER Whip drills (back arm inside) accommodate to all types of mechanics and hitting philosophies. Whether you’re a Torque, Rotational, Linear-to-Rotational hitter or just starting out with the basics… it makes no difference, you’ll gain benefit from improved speed and power. You can immediately use it with your current hitting program or use our free hitting programs below
  4. “Wearable” hitting aid: Comfortable and light weight that you can wear it for your entire practice (Sport Precise™ Trainer). It does not hinder your swing, you can put it on and practice as you normally would.
    Convenient and easy to use: One-Size-Fits all design that takes less than 20 seconds to put on. If you’re not using it you can quickly slide out your arms and wear around your waist for easy access later… making it the ultimate ballpark fashion accessory.
Laser Blast Hitting Drills


  • Improves: Explosive core power
  • Arms Inside Sport Precise™ Band: Both
  • Contact Zone: Deep
  • Game-day Relevance: See & react – 2 strike hitting
Laser Whip Hitting Drills


  • Improves: Powerful extension
  • Arms Inside Sport Precise™ Band: Back arm only
  • Contact Zone: Extended
  • Game-day Relevance: Hitting mistake pitches/sitting on your pitch and extreme low/outside
Laser Shot Hitting Drills


  • Improves: Front side mechanics
  • Arms Inside Sport Precise™ Band: Front arm
  • Contact Zone: Deep or Extended
  • Game-day Relevance: Prevent casting and staying closed
LASER Beam hitting drills


  • Improves: Top-hand mechanics and core rotation
  • Arms Inside Sport Precise™ Band: Both or back arm. Gripping the bat with top/trail-hand only
  • Contact Zone: Deep
  • Game-day Relevance: Hitting up-and-inside-fastball

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See immediate results: Sport Precise™ Resistance (improves technique and creates strength for power hitting muscles) triggers Sport Precise™ Acceleration (improves speed of your fast twitch fibers) boosting your bat speed and power.

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