How To Stay Back When Hitting

Hitting Drills And Tips For Staying Back

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Important!!!! A simple technique to help stay back is hitting the ball up the middle and to the opposite field. Opposingly, pulling too much increases the likelihood of jumping out.


Batting Average Killer

Jumping Out At The Baseball

This is the only chance you've got to hit a power pitcher

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Did you know?
Jumping out at the baseball will increase velocity on a fastball by up to 5 miles per hour – now that’s a BATTING AVERAGE KILLER! When you jump out and don’t stay back your head and eyes are moving, affecting your ability to track the baseball, thus creating the perception of increased velocity.  On the other hand, when you relax, stay back and focus on seeing the baseball – you can potentially decrease the appearance of a fastball by 5 miles per hour.

Staying Back

Reduce Strike Outs

Jumping out at the baseball hinders your ability to detect late breaking pitch types, increasing strike outs; due to movement of the head/eyes and committing too early to your swing. To improve staying back try to track the ball deeper into your hitting zone, this skill helps to detect and adjust to a hard-and-late-breaking pitch. Especially important when you’re behind in 2 strike count, a situation the pitcher’s aiming to throw an off-speed pitch; down and out of the strike zone. The objective is to get the you out swinging at a bad pitch.

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One of the best ways to stay back is to control your swing using your core and not your arms (your should lead with your hips before your hands). The following video explains how you can stay back with your hands, lead with your hips and hold up at the very last second if you decide not to swing.

Hit For Power Against Power Pitchers

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Lunging out at the baseball, can be fixed with the right hitting approach

Discover why many Major League teams are fast getting tired of players swinging for the fence. The modern-day “breaking ball” home run swing’s fast going out of fashion, due to high strikeouts (caused by lunging), low batting averages and reduced run production. The new buzz word is hitting approach, and our Laser Strap specializes in just that!

Why is hitting approach so important?

The right hitting approach works because it naturally develops good swing habits, such as; a slow/soft/short/closed stride, short/compact swing, keeps the front shoulder closed, helps to stay through the baseball, allows the hitter to let the baseball travel and keep his head on the baseball.


Ultimately, this is the beauty of the best game day hitting approach – it will naturally train the best hitting mechanics for staying back.

Quick Tips

  • See and track the ball all the way from the pitcher’s hand to the barrel of the bat. Allow the ball travel deeper in the zone before committing to your swing.
  • Mentally and physically commit to hitting the baseball to the opposite field, this will shorten & soften your stride.
  • Lacking the confidence to hit the inside fastball triggers jumping out.
    Train all locations.
  • Relax in the batter’s box. Nerves increase jumpiness in the batter’s box.
  • Avoid overswinging. Trying to pull the ball too hard triggers jumping and rushing.