Best Batting Stance For Explosive Core Power

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Engaging your powerful core

In order to hit with your core, you need to use the muscles that connect to your core (inner thigh/groin/gluts) as opposed to taking the weight in your quadriceps/mid-thighs. In this case your knees take all the pressure, dis-engaging your powerful core muscles.

Straddle the ball and squeeze your inner-thighs/groin into the middle of the ball. This movement will point your knees into each other, creating the perfect weight distribution for power, balance and to stay back.

You can correlate to lifting weights, more specifically the powerful squat lift. When squatting, as soon as your knees go over your feet you get weaker, (can’t lift as much) and become prone to injury (especially knee related injuries). Alternatively, when you squat using your muscles attached to your core (especially your Gluts/Groin), you become stronger and prevent injuries as your core takes the pressure.

Batting stance for power hitting

Take 10-20 repetitions of squeezing/pinching the ball with your inner-thigh/groin muscles.

Batting stance for kids

Remove the ball. Imagine the ball is still between your legs and repeat the process. This simple movement allows for the best weight distribution when setting up in your batting stance.

Batting Stance Crash Course

Set up in a stance to engage your core power

Minimizing swing movement gives the pitcher less opportunity to mess with your timing. The more movement in your stance and load (high leg kick, long load) the more chance a pitcher has to disrupt your timing

The best thing you can do when in a hitting slump is to simplify your stance, close your mind (don't thing) and focus on the pitcher's release point

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