“Take my 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed Challenge using my LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer, it’s a winner… works every single time and trains a complete swing. Start thinking of hitting in terms of contact depth, it makes things simple and players get it. Contact depth determines mechanics, the 2 main depths are deep and extended, each require a different swing (covered in the 20 minute challenge).
EVERY single player I coach has seen an immediate improvement in bat speed, power and technique. The following coaching sessions were unrehearsed, unscripted and shot in real-time. I had never met the following youth players or had prior knowledge of their skill levels.”

Clinton Balgera

Inventor: LASER Strap Bat Speed Trainer and LASER CORE Sport Precise™ Training Aids
Founder: TheHittingProject.com, Sport Precise Training and Adaptive Hitting Theory/2-Swing Technique

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20 Minute Bat Speed Challenge Summary

Drill 1

Training the Basics of Staying Connected, Hands-Inside-The-Ball and Generating the Swing from your Core
Repetitions: 20

Drill 2

LASER Beam Top-Hand Side Toss: Train Core Rotation, Swing Path and Follow Through for Deep Contact Zones 
Swings: 20

M-Zone Front Standard Front Toss Location

Learn more about our M-Zone hitting chart below

Drill 3

LASER Blast Front Toss: Combining Skills Covered in Drills 1 and 2. Train Power for Deep Contact Zones by Letting the Ball Travel and Developing your Hitting Approach
Swings: 20

M-Zone Front Standard Front Toss Location

Drill 4

LASER Whip Front Toss: Train to Hit the Extended Pitch for Power with a Top-Hand Release Swing, Strengthening your Bottom/Lead-Hand
Swings: 20

Alternative Drills

Regular Laser B.P

Over-Hand Laser Front Toss


Even if you like to use a 2-handed grip follow through for every pitch location (not recommended for low and away pitch locations as your top-hand fights your bottom hand and you roll over on the pitch) you can still try this drill. Think of it as an isolation drill for your bottom hand. You can return to your normal swing after you’ve finished the 20 Minute Challenge.

How to Use M-Zone

M-zone Instructions
  1. M-Zone provides you with a road map for your batting practice.
  2. Batting practice pitch and contact locations are vital to improve game day hitting.
  3. M-Zone trains how to you to hit all pitch locations for power.
  4. M-Zone trains our 2-Swing Technique with your top-hand release swing on the low and extended pitch and your 2-hand swing for a middle to high and deep contact zone.
  5. Example, the M-Zone coordinates below instruct a coach or parent to throw the ball toward the middle and outside of home plate at belt or belly button height. The hitter’s aiming to hit the ball back up the middle or toward the opposite field.
M-zone Standard Middle Away

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Learn more about our 20 Minute Laser Bat Speed Challenge

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