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Helping All Types Of Ball Players To Take Their Swing The Next Level

Little League, High School/College Baseball & Softball, Professionals and Beep Baseball for Blind Athletes.

On this page you can view footage, sent to us of players using our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer for the first time…see for yourself how they achieved Laser bat speed in under 20 swings!

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High School Baseball Player, Atlanta
High School Softball Player, Chicago
Beginner Youth Player, Australia
Dodgers Prospect, Taiwan
N.Y Mets Prospect, Atlanta
Boston Renegades Beep Baseball Team, Massachusetts
MLB Player, Milwaukee Brewers
Inventor, Clint Balgera

Our Customers Include:

Parents of youth players, ages 6 and up

High school and college, baseball and softball players

Minor League players

Major League players

European professional league players

Asia professional league players

Hitting coaches, team coaches of all levels and private lesson coaches

Batting cage owners

Beep Baseball for blind athletes

Atlanta Georgia. High School Baseball Player’s First Laser Hitting Session.

Crush The Inside Fastball

The Hardest Ball I’ve Ever Hit

I was never seen as a power hitter however I hit 2 doubles in my league here in last 2 games using your Laser Strap, one of which was absolutely the hardest ball I’ve ever hit. As a mostly defensive player, I’m now having much more fun on offense.

Chicago Illinois. High School Softball Player’s First Laser Hitting Session.

Softball Batting Aid

I’m Hitting Lasers!

I can really feel a more compact swing after just a few days. In my sessions today without the strap I was hitting lasers. I have a game tomorrow and I’m looking forward to more confidence.

Beginner Youth Player. Swan Districts, Western Australia

Coach your kids some simple instructions. For example, let the ball travel close to home plate before you swing, watch the ball, keep your head down, try to hit the ball back up the middle of the cage and so on...

It Really Developed My Sons Power

It really developed my sons power. Amazing customer service! I will share with my friends and family.

Taiwan, Asia Pro League. L.A Dodgers Prospect’s First Laser Hitting Session

Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Review

Atlanta, Georgia. N.Y Mets Prospect’s First Laser Hitting Session

Boston Renegades. Beep Baseball Massachusetts


Power Increased Immediately

I wanted to let you know that we tried out the Laser Strap last weekend with two of our players and a few coaches. The end result was LOVE! One of our players found his power increased immediately when he kept his arms more bent and closer to his body.

“The Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Is A Pretty Neat Device. It Helped Me Understand Where My Elbow Starts At The Beginning Of The Swing, And Where It Should End Up…It Makes The Concept Of Knob To The Ball Easier To Understand, Since The Forearms And Hands Are Still Able To Move Freely, While Keeping The Elbows From Flying Around. I’ve Been Experimenting With Different Hand Angles, With Slight Changes Feeling Different On The Swing. And The Drill That Max Showed Us About Driving From The Hip Makes Sense, But I Need To Do More Reps.”
Player, Boston Renegades – Beep Baseball Massachusetts

MLB Players

Dude... you are spot on! As you saw, my hip rotation has been lagging for years! Even in the big leagues. I'm not satisfied to be at 60%, I'm ready to strap this thing on and get to work

Eric Thames, MLB Player. First professional to try our Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer while playing in the Korean Pro League, looking for a way to improve his swing and get back to the Majors. Update: Nov 29 2016, Eric signs a $16,000,000 contact with the Milwaukee Brewers…mission accomplished!

Inventor Clint Balgera


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