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Message From The Inventor, Clinton Balgera

To Be A Next Level Game Day Hitter (Not Just Hitting Well In Practice), You Need To Prepare For Anything The Pitcher Throws Your Way.

Training with my Hitting Precise Trainer’s better replicates game day hitting, as opposed to practice drills that cause bad swing habits by encouraging you to pull a belt-high slow-moving pitch.

Any doubt in your mind about hitting an inside fastball will show itself during your game day at-bats, in the form of rushing your swing and flying open with the front shoulder (this is all controlled by the crucial role of the subconscious mind when hitting in a game).

It is vital that you get the required repetitions hitting the inside fastball deep in the contact zone. The message that you can sit back and keep your hands inside the baseball will then transfer to your subconscious mind, resulting in confidence to hit a game day inside fastball.

In short… you need to see it for yourself during batting practice in order to develop the confidence necessary to be successful when facing quality pitching.

Fix Mistakes Caused By Years Of Bad Practice Habits.

Training to hit the ball deeper in your contact zone reverses bad swing habits created by years of reaching and lunging at a slow-moving belt-high batting practice pitch. Our Sport’s Precise Trainers assist you to swing from your hips/core to generate power, instead of relying on your upper body (shoulders and arms). As a result, you will see a fast improvement in bat speed and power. Training with minimal swing movement teaches you to be “quiet in the batter’s box” on game day, giving you more time to “read and react” to the ball.

What is Sport Precise™ Training?

Regular sport practice utilizing a wearable device, enabling full range of motion without any restrictions and providing precise resistance and acceleration to develop:

(1) Strength in the precise, core and non-core muscles vital for peak game day performance.
(2) Speed and technique in the precise muscles to develop procedural memory for all-round baseball skills (muscle memory).

Who Created Sport Precise™ Training?

Clinton Balgera

Creator of Sport Precise™ Training

Inventor and patent owner of the world's first and only Sport Precise Trainer™, LASER CORE℗ Sport Precise™

Founder of


Popping Blue Laser

When you're not using your LASER Bat Speed℗ Sport Precise™ trainer you can wear it around your waist and pop the blue armbands for the ultimate Ball Park fashion accessory.

International Resume

  • 20+ years of international baseball experience
  • MVP Junior College Div II World Series – Back to Back Championships Grand Rapids Community College
  • Awarded full scholarship to the University of Indianapolis
  • Participated in the world university games
  • Competed in Professional leagues in the U.S.A, Italy and Australia
  • Numerous National Championships and Batting Titles
  • Helms Award Winner (MVP) and Offensive Champion in the Australian Baseball League 2008. Learn more about The Australian Baseball League
  • Former Hitting Instructor for the ABL National Champions Perth Heat

Learn more about Clint’s baseball resume below


Clint played junior college ball in the USA, winning MVP honors at the 1996 NJCAA Division II World Series to help his Grand Rapids club take the title. He debuted in the Australian Baseball League in 1998-1999, hitting .283/.409/.584 for the Perth Heat. He finished 4th in the ABL in slugging and tied Paul Gorman for 4th with 22 walks. He won Rookie of the Year honors. 
He hit .289/.377/.378 for the Western Australia Heelers in the 1999-2000 International Baseball League of Australia. He then spent his summer in the USA as a pro, as an OF-1B for the Catskill Cougars.

Balgera came to Italy for the first time in 2002 and batted .313/.439/.493 with 43 walks and 40 runs in 54 games as an outfielder for Parma. He was 8th in the League in OBP and was 4th in walks.

Clint hit .300/.369/.392 for Rimini in 2003. Back with Parma that summer, his batting line read .296/.388/.392 and he coaxed 29 walks in 54 games.

Continuing to bounce between Parma and Rimini, he was back with the former club for ’06 and hit .270/.354/.328.

In the 2008 Claxton Shield, Balgera starred, batting .450/.549/.650. He led in average, was second with 10 walks, led in OBP and was 4th in RBI to help Western Australia go worst-to-first. He won MVP honors.

Back with Rimini in 2008, Balgera had a batting line of .255/.343/.331. Despite his excellent work in the 2008 Claxton Shield, he did not play in ’09; nor did he appear in Italy that year.

He completed a successful 7-year career in Italy in 2010.

From 2011 to 2015 he played in the Western Australian State league, leading his 2015 team in most offensive categories (.333 average).


See immediate results: Sport Precise™ Resistance (improves technique and creates strength for power hitting muscles) triggers Sport Precise™ Acceleration (improves speed of your fast twitch fibers) boosting your bat speed and power.

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Buy a Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

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