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Players All Over The Planet Choose To Swing With Our Laser Strap

Professionals don’t train with a hitting aid unless it works. Hitting is their livelihood. How many training aids have you seen used for pre-game batting practice and live cage work by pro players? One thing for sure, we don’t pay players. In fact, the very first MLB player to train with our Laser Strap had to pay for his own, like everyone else. However, as you’ll see; he received a big Return On Investment.

Laser Popularity


Pros, High School & Collegiate Players from the USA, Taiwan, Australia, Netherlands, Venezuela, Germany, Japan and Italy

“If you’ve aspirations to get back to the big leagues this will get you there. Without rotation it’s hard to stay in the big leagues. It’s amazing you lasted a few years, I reckon your upper body is so strong that it carried you through. It’s amazing none of those so called “big league” coaches could solve the problem for you. I feel sorry for pitchers who are going to face you once you start swinging with hips ”
Clinton Balgera, inventor of the Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer, founder of and Sport Precise Training

“Dude….you are spot on! As you saw, my hip rotation has been lagging for years! Even in the big leagues. I’m not satisfied to be at 60%, I’m ready to strap this thing on and get to work.”


Everyone who touches it turns to gold ;)

Posted by on Sunday, March 12, 2017


Just took two of our freshman and had one kid do front elbow and other kid back elbow as those are their individual problems.

With a couple swing with my guidance they were on balls with a better positioning and for better contact.

Both of them on a couple swings gave that look of “oh I felt that”.

I appreciate it man, our #1 goal is getting my guys better.

STAY HOT - University of Hawaii's LASER hot right now. Winning 7 of last 8 games. If you want your team to get LASER...

Posted by on Saturday, March 11, 2017

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