Step 4 – LASER Whip

Your bottom/lead hand plays a vital role for hitting late-breaking/hard/down-and-way pitch locations. Your front arm/shoulder is located in a better spot to take over the swing, especially for extreme low and outside pitches.
  • To improve power for extreme extended contact zones and to isolate and build strength in your bottom hand – release your top hand on your follow through. Do this as your back shoulder feels-pressure/gets-fully-extended.
  • This gives you the option of implementing your second swing type in game day. Step 5 will help you to figure out which pitchers/pitch-types to use this swing.
  • *Note Even if you like to use a 2-handed grip follow through for every pitch location (not recommended for low and away pitch locations as your top-hand fights your bottom hand and you roll over on the pitch) you can still try this drill. Think of it as an isolation drill for your bottom hand. You can return to your normal swing after you’ve finished.

Mechanics to adjust to late movement, combining bat speed and extension

LASER Strap™ Bat Speed Trainer DRILL


Strength + Speed + Technique + Momentum = Powerful Extension


2. Getting Out of a Hole

  • LASER Drills: Combination of LASER Whip, LASER Blast and LASER Beam (top-hand)
  • What you’ll learn: Mechanics to hit adjust to late movement, combining bat speed and extension.
  • Game-Day Relevance: Learn how to hit when you’re behind in the batting count and facing the best hard throwing pitchers who can also locate their off-speed pitches. Example, hitting a hard/late-breaking slider with a 2-strike batting count.

3. Hitting a Mistake Pitch

  • LASER Drills: Combination of LASER Whip and LASER Blast
  • What you’ll learn: Skills to identify and capitalize on a pitchers mistake, without over-swinging.
  • Game-Day Implementation: Hitting in “aggressive swing” batting counts (example 3 balls-1 strike). Belt-High hanging breaking ball or below average fastball.
LASER Strap™

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