Combining Skills Covered in Steps 1 and 2 you'll now test your skills with 2-handed deep contact zone drills (LASER Blast). Make sure you allow the ball to travel and work a good hitting approach, avoid trying to pull to ball.
Learn how to hit Lasers
Learn how to hit Lasers
Laser Strap

Strength + Speed + Technique = Power
Sport Precise™ resistance connects your back-arm (triceps) to your rib cage as you swing, maximizing explosive, deep contact zone core power for every… single… swing.

  • We recommend (not essential) to minimize swing movement for LASER Blast drills to isolate your core power. However, you can train with a high elbow/leg-kick for LASER Blast Drills if you choose our training aid accommodate for all types of swings (simply adjust your Sport Precise™ Band to meet your training requirements).
  • Avoid unnaturally lifting the bat post contact, as you’ll knock your head off the ball, for deep contact zones we recommend to use a short and flat swing plane (the high contact zone provides the lift for you).
  • Avoid releasing your top-hand with deep contact zones as it becomes virtually impossible to hit this pitch if you do. If you have always utilize a top-hand release swing, think of this as an isolation drill for deep contact/top-hand power. You can return to your normal swing after you complete the drill.
  • If you choose to do so you can revert back to this technique when facing hard throwing pitchers and/or hitting with a 2-strike batting count in a game (where you’ve limited time to react).
Laser Strap Hitting

Adapt to swing using your strong core as opposed to swinging with your arms. Sport Precise Resistance prevents casting and reaching with your arms, enabling you to learn and adapt by using your hips/core to generate power.

Jump Ahead: Step 13 covers inside and outside contact zones needed to hit Power Pitching

Using your core to improve timing

People talk about the front foot for timing however, there’s more to the process. Leading your swing with your core, you have the ability to adjust to pitches. For example, the pitch is a change-up, you can keep your hands back, to time the pitch and release for power. If you try to do it the other way around, leading with your arms, you’ve got no chance to make an adjustment.

Loading to Hit the Power Pitchers

Any conscious thoughts in the batter’s box (including thoughts of when you should start your load and timing) will obstruct your natural reactive swing, needed to hit the hardest throwing pitchers. Therefor you have to train your subconscious mind to take over on game day, this can be achieved by practicing drills such as LASER Blast Front Toss.


1. Hitting the Hard Stuff

  • LASER Drills: LASER Blast and LASER Beam (top-hand)
  • What you’ll learn: Mechanics to hit for power in deep contact zones by exploding with your core and staying connected at contact (no extension).
  • Game-Day Implementation: Prepares you for when you don’t have time to think as the ball is up you fast. Up-inside-fastball against a hard throwing pitcher.

2. Getting Out of a Hole

  • LASER Drills: Combination of LASER Whip, LASER Blast and LASER Beam (top-hand)
  • What you’ll learn: Mechanics to hit adjust to late movement, combining bat speed and extension.
  • Game-Day Relevance: Learn how to hit when you’re behind in the batting count and facing the best hard throwing pitchers who can also locate their off-speed pitches. Example, hitting a hard/late-breaking slider with a 2-strike batting count.

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