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Whip Blast Holland
Overview: 20 Minute Lasers

Posted by on Sunday, June 18, 2017
Advanced Laser Whip

"Due to the travel commitments involved with educating the world about my invention and methods, I've minimal time to analyze footage. However, after viewing this advanced Laser Whip video, (training extreme outside pitch locations) I thought to make some time. During the conceptualization stages of inventing Exoprecise Technology and theorizing Movement Precise, the sub-category Sport Precise Methodology; I developed my 2-Swing Technique. Exoprecise, more specifically Sport Precise products; such as the Laser Strap morph to your swing mechanics. Therefore, you can swing any way you decide. For example, Laser Whip drills. In this video the player is using a one-handed finish to improve range; you don't have to follow this method, you can finish with two-hands if you choose. As are result my 2-Swing Technique was put down on the list of priorities. Additionally, I wanted to avoid information overload. Especially, with the advent of Exoprecise, creating a new category in human movement. There's already much information to digest. Regarding the video analysis. Note the swing path, contact zone and the time the Netherlands National team player releases his top-hand. Failure to release his top hand at this point would result in a ground ball, weak pop-fly or a swing and miss. In simple terms, this highlights one part of my 2-Swing Technique. It defines two primary swing types. Deep contact and extended contact and recognizes each requires unique mechanics for success. Opposingly, are my advanced Laser Blast drills, set to high tension; isolating deeper contact zones. Yesterday our staff posted excellent footage of team Netherlands, Laser Blast drills I recommend you take a look. Comparing the contact zones, differences in the circumference of the swing path, and the use of top and bottom hands on the finish. Website link to Laser Blast example Hopefully someday soon I will find the time to continue developing my 2 Swing Technique. If you want to learn more, here's a link to my original concepts, thrown on the back burner; for now. Once again, totally up to you on what swing method you decide. And frankly, how you hit is not of concern to myself or our brands, as the Laser Strap works regardless of mechanics. However, I feel a responsibility to the baseball and softball community to continue the fight against the many, "one-dimensional" mainstream methods and share my wealth of hitting knowledge." Clinton Balgera Inventor: Exoprecise Technology, including the Laser Strap. Founder: Exoprecise Group, Methodology: Movement Precise, Sport Precise and 2-Swing Technique

Posted by on Tuesday, September 19, 2017