LASER Blast drills (both arms inside) and LASER Whip drills (back arm inside) accommodate to all types of mechanics and hitting philosophies. Whether you’re a Torque, Rotational, Linear-to-Rotational hitter or just starting out with the basics… it makes no difference, you’ll gain benefit from improved speed and power. If you would like advice/training guides we recommend you try our 20 Minute LASERS.

20 Minute Lasers is a winner… works every single time and trains a complete swing. EVERY single player I coach has seen an immediate improvement in bat speed, power and mechanics.

Laser Blast Crash Course: Part 1 – Explosive Deep Contact Power (Both Arms Inside Your Laser Strap) demonstrates the basics of core power. This information is handy for step 2 and step 3 of 20 Minute Lasers

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  • Train a complete swing with no holes. You’ll be unstoppable at the plate!
  • Easy to train with 5 simple drills.
  • Works fast, you’ll see immediate results.
  • Works for everyone, no matter your age or skill level.
  • Learn how to release the power of your explosive core.
  • Eliminates complexity, sometimes associated with hitting mechanics.
  • Learn techniques to hit all contact zones, pitch types and locations for power. Not just the easy ones.
  • As a result, you’ll hit for a high batting average while maintaining or improving your home run production.


1. Hitting the Hard Stuff

  • LASER Drills: LASER Blast and LASER Beam (top-hand)
  • What you’ll learn: Mechanics to hit for power in deep contact zones by exploding with your core and staying connected at contact (no extension).
  • Game-Day Implementation: Prepares you for when you don’t have time to think as the ball is up you fast. Up-inside-fastball against a hard throwing pitcher.

Ever wondered what the Kinetic Chain is and what it looks like? Your'e welcome ;)

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2. Getting Out of a Hole

  • LASER Drills: Combination of LASER Whip, LASER Blast and LASER Beam (top-hand)
  • What you’ll learn: Mechanics to hit adjust to late movement, combining bat speed and extension.
  • Game-Day Relevance: Learn how to hit when you’re behind in the batting count and facing the best hard throwing pitchers who can also locate their off-speed pitches. Example, hitting a hard/late-breaking slider with a 2-strike batting count.
... I can see much improved bat speed after one 20 minute laser session with my 10 year old son. Video attached

3. Hitting a Mistake Pitch

  • LASER Drills: Combination of LASER Whip and LASER Blast
  • What you’ll learn: Skills to identify and capitalize on a pitchers mistake, without over-swinging.
  • Game-Day Implementation: Hitting in “aggressive swing” batting counts (example 3 balls-1 strike). Belt-High hanging breaking ball or below average fastball.

Providing the skills to hit all pitches and locations for power

Most coaches train a top-hand dominant swing (most players are right-hand right-throw), encouraging players to pre-determine their swing path and look for a mistake pitch up in the zone (90% of the time this is a hanging slider). The problem with this technique is sometimes you don’t get a hanging pitch to hit.

Hence the super high strikeout rate in today’s modern games, as players don’t practice to hit difficult pitch locations (only the easy ones).

  • Our 20 Minute LASER Challenge guides you to be both; a good top-hand and bottom-hand hitter
  • Train to hit the toughest pitches, everything in between will be a piece of cake.
  • Crush the hanging slider/breaking-ball and/or average middle/belt-high fastballs.
LASER Strap™



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OUR 5 Step Sequence Can Be Used With the Following Drills

  • Tee-Drill
  • Side-Toss
  • Front-Toss
  • Regular Batting Practice

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