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Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer

Bat Speed Precise Trainer guides you to bat speed and power… all the time, every time – Keeps you connected to your powerful core – Muscle memory tool.
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Hit, Field and Pitch

Hit, field & pitch with LASER speed, power and precision using our all-purpose Sport Precise™ training aids for Baseball – Fastpitch – Slowpitch and Cricket.
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Laser Strap Bat Speed Trainer Drills

LASER Blast Drills

Explosive core power. Both arms inserted, deep contact, improve "see ball hit ball" and 2 strike hitting

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LASER Whip Drills

Powerful Extension. Back arm inserted, extended contact, improve "sit on your pitch" and low-and-away hitting

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LASER Beam Drills

Both arms inserted, hold the bat with your top-hand, improve top-hand mechanics

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